Accelerating Leadership in 5 Easy Steps

“Before You are a Leader, Success is all About Growing Yourself. When You Become a Leader, Success is all About Growing Others” – Jack Welch

Whether you’re already a successful Leader, or aspiring to be one, one of the main focus areas of an outstanding Leader is GROWTH.

We must first develop our Self-Mastery, or Personal Growth, in the areas of Communication, EQ & Discipline. As we become more aware of our thinking, our personality, and our emotions, we are able to maintain a sense of certainty and confidence, which is the hallmark of a great Leader.

Once we have matured to become an industry Leader, our Success is measured by how we support the growth of others. Growth of our Teams, Growth of the Business, and of course, Growth of profits.

In order to accelerate your Personal & Professional Growth as a Leader, for greater Success & Happiness, give these 5 easy steps a try;

1. Appreciate Others ‘Map of the World’ – In order to influence others, we first must learn to fully appreciate and respect their map of the world, or their thinking. As we become aware of how they think, and what motivates them, we can greatly lead and influence them & their behaviour, towards achieving better results. As Stephen Covey suggests “Seek first tounderstand, then be understood”.  

2. Observe Your Own Thoughts – Your thoughts are not really who you are. You are so much more than your thoughts. When we learn to disassociate ourselves from our thoughts, like watching clouds blow through the sky, we are more able to make logical decisions, give empowering advice, and control our emotions (EQ), for better results.

3. Write Things Down – As a new Leader, our minds are full of daily challenges, issues with the team, conflict, stress from upper management, and most importantly, new ideas. It’s these fresh, new ideas that enable you to achieve your KPI’s, more efficiently manage the team, and get that promotion!!. So in the busy-ness of your day, be sure to write these new ideas down, as soon as they come to you. Then, during a quiet part of the day, you can review your notes, make a plan, and implement your new ideas.

4. Register for a FREE In-House Motivational Leadership Workshop – We’ve created a powerful 90min Motivational Leadership Workshop, designed for middle management, to senior executives. It’s an opportunity to ‘sharpen the saw’ and learn some NLP & Coaching techniques, that can help senior managers & leaders to reduce conflict, motivate their teams, and achieve KPI’s more quickly. We offer just 3 sessions per month, so register NOW to be selected. This workshop is customised, so also includes a FREE Needs Analysis to customise the workshop, to achieve your outcome, and overcome your organisations specific challenges. Sessions can be in English or Thai language. Learn more or Register here.

5. Register your Team for Leadership Essentials 1 day Workshop – This one day intensive workshop is designed for Supervisors, new Managers, and upcoming ‘Talent’. It specifically addresses the main challenges for new Leaders, such as motivating teams, reducing conflict, goal setting, being pro-active & taking responsibility, 10 core competencies of Leadership, and much more. The training is held on the 23rd July at TGI Centre, Chonburi, and is customised for the Manufacturing Industry. Investment is just 7,900 THB per person, and we have a buy 2 get 1 free promotion available, for bookings before 30/6. Learn more or register here

The Leadership Essentials is also available as a 1 day in-house training. Feel free to contact us for more information, or to set up a free consultation.

Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our sessions soon …

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