3 Tips for Employee Engagement

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to Contribute. ”  – Simon Sinek

The best way to improve Employee Engagement is to have your teams emotionally invested in your business. As they feel part of the process, they align with the mission, the vision & the core values, their decision making becomes easier, conflict reduces & productivity (cash !!) increases.

So how can we effectively motivate our teams to be more emotionally invested? Try these methods;

1. Include your team in the goal setting/KPI setting process – As you’re doing the brainstorming on HOW to achieve the KPI’s, you will discover that your teams have some very creative ‘outside the box’ thinking. As you acknowledge their input, they will take more responsibility, to achieve those KPI’s

2. Coach your team, don’t manage them – As you coach your team to unleash their potential, so that they can solve their own problems, they will feel a greater sense of accomplishment, and therefore, greater emotional engagement

3. Recognition – as simple as it sounds, compliment your teams on jobs well done. It doesn’t need to be a bonus or a pay rise, just a genuine, authentic ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’.

These 3 simple tips should help dramatically improve your employee engagement. For more advanced techniques, the certification training offered at NLP Top Coach is a great way to develop your teams EQ, Leadership & Communication skills.

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