3 tips to Develop Leadership

“Being Positive in a Negative Situation isn’t being Naive. It’s Leadership” Ralph Marston

The Leaders of today realise that it’s their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that makes the biggest difference when it comes to creating results, motivating staff and developing loyalty.

An ‘angry boss’ quickly loses the respect of the team. A ‘weak boss’ will have an unproductive, undisciplined team. And an ‘Emotional boss’ will give unclear messages & direction, resulting in a lack of trust & loyalty.

As true Leaders, we must be able to deal with ALL situations, using a combination of Awareness, EQ & Leadership tools, in order to effectively lead our teams, and create results in any situation. Feel free try these three methods outlined below, to help support your Leadership journey;

1. Self Awareness – Become aware of your thoughts & emotions during the day. Notice your reactions to ‘negative’ situations and ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this’. With practice, you become more in charge of both your thoughts and emotions, resulting in a higher EQ

2. Manage Your State – Our Emotional STATE, is how we feel, right NOW, in this moment. It’s a combination of the thoughts we think, and the way we use our body. NLP has some very powerful techniques that allow us to instantly tap into resourcefulness, confidence & passion…all the ingredients for outstanding leadership

3. Create a daily Top 6 – As Leaders, we often have HUGE To-Do Lists, which often feel over-whelming, or remain unchecked. Instead, try writing down a list of the top 6 things you want to get complete today. Focus on these tasks, address urgent issues as they arise, and then back to your list. Notice how good it feels to scratch off each item on the list :)

Practice these techniques, and watch your leadership skills accelerate !!

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