3 Tips to Double Your Sales

“It’s not my job to make sales calls….it’s my Passion!!” – Sanu Karki

man-791049_640When it comes to increasing Sales, we’ve heard all kinds of excuses why we CAN’T hit our targets;

  • The market is too competitive
  • The economy is bad
  • I don’t have enough experience/product knowledge/support from management
  • Our product is too expensive/not for everyone

Now why some of these excuses ‘appear’ to be true at times, it is our psychology about these limitation that decides whether or not we hit our targets. So how can we transform these Limiting Beliefs, into empowering triggers that urge us on to bigger & better Sales? Here are a few tips to increase your sales;

Tip#1 – Develop Confidence – You MUST be able to turn on your confidence, like a switch. No matter what is going on in your life, you have the resources within you to tap into your instant confidence at will. Sales is influence, and to influence your prospect, you must be confident

Tip#2 – Ooze Passion – Again, Sales = Influence, and in order to influence others, you must be passionate about your product or service. If not, fake it til you make it. As you further develop your passion, your prospects will ‘feel’ it at the unconscious level, and they will be influenced

Tip#3 – Build Rapport – People buy from people they trust. Have you ever had the experience of being ready to buy a product, with the cash in your pocket, but you felt that you couldn’t trust the salesperson? In those situations, we usually walk away, which equals a lost sales for that Sales person. Well, the opposite must also be true. To make more sales, develop more trust!

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