NLP TOP COACH is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivational Coaches, Trainers & Business strategists. From experiences covering 5 continents, our breadth of knowledge and expertise will ensure you receive the best advice, consultancy and solutions for yourself and your corporation. We are passionate about helping you ‘Unleash your Power for Success and Happiness.

Sebastien Leblond

Author, International Speaker, NLP Master Coach & Trainer

Sebastien is a highly respected and sought after Master Coach and Trainer, and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals. With over a decade of experience in Life Coaching & Executive Coaching read more

Akilesh Narayanan (Aki)

Certified Professional Life Coach, Speaker

Aki is a Professional Certified Life Coach at NLP TOP COACH who is passionate about inspiring people to Unleash Their Power For Success & Happiness so that they can create an Extraordinary Life in their Career, Business, Health, Wealth, Relationship & EQ. read more

Aekorn Boontanacin (Aek) 

NLP Coach & Trainer

Aekorn is a man of diverse backgrounds and experiences. He has studied abroad in England , USA and Thailand, and has obtained a Bachelor degree in Finance from University of Utah and a Master degree in Managerial Economics from Chulalongkorn University. This exposure to foreign education and cultures, has helped Aekorn deal effetively with a wide range of teching & learning styles. He is now a fully qualified & experienced Life Coach & Corporate Trainer. read more

Benjamaj Jailuk (Ben)

NLP Coach & Trainer

Benjamaj has 20+ years working in worldwide multinational companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Comparex, etc. Throughout her career, Benjamaj had experienced in many roles relating to sales and marketing with a strong and extensive background in business negotiation with Corporate and Enterprise Customers in a wide range of industry sectors, including State Own Enterprises, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Food, Finance, Insurance, Technology and so on. Also, she had experienced in training & certification management, channel sales management, internal & partner readiness, top executive management and marketing. read more

Mizuyo Matsumoto

Certified NLP Trainer & Business Coach

Mizuyo was born and raised in Chiba, on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. She studied at the Nippon Dental University where she graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

After working as a dentist in Japan for 15 years, she took the leap to move to Siem Reap in Cambodia to help found an international-standard dental clinic there. After two years, and successfully establishing the clinic as the leading international dental practice in the city, she moved on to her current base in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to start her next adventure.

 read more