What is Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP?

The simplest way to explain NLP is that it is a Users Manual for the brain. You can learn how we think, process information, and communicate with the world

How will NLP Certification benefit me?

It will help you be an outstanding Leader, through an understanding of better communication. You will be able to create results faster in your life, and you will be able to guide & teach others to do the same. You will be better able to control your emotions, and be able to control your own state

Why choose NLP Top Coach?

We’ve been established in Thailand for over 5 years and are now the market leaders in NLP. With over 17,500 fans on Facebook, and a long list of corporate clients. Our reputation as the premier NLP training company is second to none. We are also teaching in Japan, Australia, and soon Vietnam, India and Singapore.

Why are other NLP providers cheaper?

Its like the difference between buying a Toyota or a Mercedes. The benefit of training with NLP Top Coach is that your NLP Certification is recognised by the worlds largest authority on NLP, the ABNLP, and is internationally recognised. Combine this with outstanding customer service and commitment to achieving results, makes NLP Top Coach the first choice in Asia Pacific.

Where can I use my NLP skills?

Everywhere, and in all areas of your Life !! Relationships, Communication, your career, your business, with your kids, finances…everywhere !!

Why do offer FREE seminars and Coaching session?

NLP and Coaching are relatively new concepts and methodologies here in Asia. Our first intent is to educate society of the benefits of these processes. Secondly, our service is very personal, so we want to ensure that we can create the results you want. Our consultations and free seminars ensure there is a match between your needs and what we promise to deliver

Do you offer corporate training?

Yes. We offer many types of corporate training, with specialties in Sales, Leadership Development, EQ & Soft Skills. Custom training also available on request.

Do you offer courses on weekends?

Yes, we do. Training also available with Thai translation

Do we offer Coaching Certification

Yes, we have Coach the Coach Certification. An intense NLP based training on how you can be an outstanding leader, trainer or coach. Contact us anytime for more details..


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