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Achieve ANY Goal Firewalk Training Bangkok Thailand

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 Regular Investment 10,900 THB

Special On-Line Payment of just 4,900 THB

Are you ready to smash your limiting beliefs, overcome fear, and remove all obstacles, so that you can achieve ANY Goal? This step-by-step process  is used to ensure greater success in all areas of goal setting. These include;

CLARITY – Getting 100% clear on WHAT you want to achieve by ensuring your goals your are S.M.A.R.T.

MOTIVATION – Understanding WHY you want to achieve your goals. It may sound simple, but understanding why you want to achieve your goals increases your motivation to a much higher level. Unlock that potential

OBSTACLES – Identify Obstacles, both conscious & unconscious, that have been preventing you from achieving success

SMASH YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS – A Powerful exercise that removes all your limiting belief & negative thinking

MANAGE YOUR STATE – Take control of your Emotions (EQ), and ‘turn on’ your confidence, passion and motivation to accelerate your Success. This fun technique shows you how

FIREWALK – Overcome FEAR to ensure that you are unstoppable

Firewalk Thailand

 NLP Top Coach have been internationally Certified by the Fire Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E). This training utilises NLP technique, Coaching skills and special safety techniques taught by FIRE.

This workshop is perfect for;

  • Achieving ALL your Goals in Life & Business
  • Greater Wealth
  • Get your dream job, or that promotion you’ve been working for
  • Find your true Love
  • Strategic Planning & Team Building for companies
  • Achieving your Business & Sales KPI’s
  • CEO’s, MD’s, Senior Managers & Leaders
  • Anyone passionate about Success
  • Anyone interested in Personal Development