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Coaching Leadership Summit

Coaching Leadership Summit is a 2 Days Intensive Seminar for people who want to become a World-Class Coach and Trainer to inspire and change thousands of peoples’ lives. It is also designed to show CEOs, HR Directors and Senior Executives on how developing coaching and training skills as a Leader can enable you to inspire positive behavior change in your team, train them on personal and business effectiveness, do group and one to one coaching to bring out the best in each one of your team member so that the company can produce measurable increase in revenue and profit.

In this seminar, you will discover the proven coaching tools, processes and systems developed by the World’s #1 Leadership guru, John C. Maxwell and Internationally Renowned Author, International Speaker & NLP Master Trainer and Coach,  Sebastien Leblond.

Benefits of Coaching Leadership Summit 

The Coaching Principle

Discover the powerful, proven coaching tools and techniques used by the World’s top Coaches and how you can use them too to help people achieve their goals and create positive change in their lives. 

How To Find Paid Coaching Clients

You cannot make the income you deserve if you don’t have paid coaching clients. Learn how to influence people to invest in your coaching services using a step-by-step process so that you can build a profitable coaching business and get paid to help people.

The Coaching Road Map

Starting from scratch as a New Coach or Trainer can be a daunting task. Discover the path followed by your Master Trainer & Coach, Sebastien Leblond that allowed him to transform 40,000+ lives from more than 30 different countries in the last 10 years. Accelerate your success and become highly sought after Coach and Trainer.

Who Should Attend this

Coaching Leadership Summit

Business Owners, HR Directors, Senior Executives and Professionals

Bring back to your organization a set of powerful coaching tools, techniques, skills and competencies so that you can be more effective, productive and get promoted.

People Who Want To Develop World-Class Leadership Skills

The one thing all great leaders have in common is their ability to coach and train their team to produce outstanding results which leads to measurable growth in the business revenue and profit. Learn how to become an inspirational figure to your team and other people by helping them to become the best version of themselves.

People who want to become a Professional Coach, Trainer or Consultant

Expand your rewarding career by helping people to create change and transformation in their life at a deeper level. You will learn how to spark inspiration and passion in peoples’ lives enabling them to be happier and more fulfilled.

Coaching Leadership Summit: 29 February – 1 March, 2020

Your Investment – Only THB 4,900


Your Trainer

Sebastien Leblond 

Author, Certified NLP Master Trainer & Business Coach

Sebastien Leblond is a well sought-after Speaker, Author, Certified NLP Master Trainer and Business Coach for individuals and corporations who want to unleash their power to achieve Success and Happiness to have an extraordinary life in their Business, Career, Relationship, Wealth and Health.

Sebastien went from being a delivery boy in small town Quebec, Canada to a Millionaire when he founded NLP Top Coach, one of the fastest-growing Coaching and Leadership Development Companies in the world.

He is now one of the only 14 Certified Master Trainers of NLP in the world by the ABNLP (The American Board of NLP).

To-date, Sebastien has certified more than 40,000 individuals and successful World-Class Coaches and Trainers from more than 30 different countries. His mission is to help them build their own successful coaching and training companies and because of his passion, he is well known for helping businesses grow their revenues and profits by 30%-3,000% in one year or less using the proven powerful tools, techniques and systems of NLP.

Sebastien has worked with Anthony Robbins as part of his ‘Must’ Team, a special elite team that supports Anthony around the world transforming millions of people’s lives.

Sebastien now resides in Thailand and is happily married with his wife and is blessed with twin boys, Maximus and Tristan.

As part of his philanthropic efforts in contributing to the community, Sebastien has set up NLP Top Coach Foundation to support children’s education and people in need.

Training Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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