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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a set of tools, techniques, systems & processes that you can easily use to create positive change in yourself and others. This FREE NLP Breakthrough session will help you experience how NLP can powerfully & positively influence your Personal & Professional Life. You’ll be able to apply  these techniques immediately, to help you Accelerate your Success & Happiness.


Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Training

Discover the Fundamental Power of NLP:

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been used for 40 years, to help people accelerate Success & Results, in the area of Wealth, Health, Relationships, EQ & Business. You will discover the mechanics of thinking & emotions, and the link between our physiology and behavior. Are you ready to accelerate your Success & Happiness.

Accelerate Your Personal Development & Self Discovery:

As you discover the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you deepen your journey into self-awareness, consciousness and enlightenment. You will increase your self-confidence, self-worth, positive thinking & discover your Passion, to achieve more happiness in your life today.

Grow Your Career or Business:

All the tools of NLP can be applied to your career or business. Your EQ & Communication skills dramatically improve, which result in your ability to influence teams, decision makers & clients. With greater clarity, comes greater decision making & behavior, which leads to accelerated Success. Your NLP skills can also be passed onto your teams, resulting in greater team work, efficiency & productivity

Opportunity for advanced NLP Certifications:

This NLP Breakthrough Seminar is an introduction to the Benefits NLP has for you & your business. You have the opportunity to take your knowledge a lot deeper, by joining the NLP Practitioner TRIPLE Certification Program. If you wish to become a Coach, Business Owner, Consultant or Trainer, the NLP technology will allow you to accelerate every area for your personal & professional growth.

“NLP is great because it is scientific&logical. We didn’t just listen to lecture but we had fun with active participation. It teaches you how to communicate effectively between managers & subordinates with compassion. It helps clear the obstacles in communication & it is good for those who are undergoing leadership development. I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.” botton2

Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan

Director Central Institute of Forensic Science, Department of Special Investigation

Who Should Attend this NLP Training Course

Senior Executive, Professional, Head of Department & Managers

You will leave this certified NLP training with a set of new tools, techniques, skills and competencies that you can bring back to your organization and business, to accelerate your Success.

People who want to be a Professional Coach, Consultant or Trainer

If your Passion is helping others to be their best, whether as a Life Coach, Executive Coach, corporate Consultant, Therapist or Trainer, this NLP Program will add some powerful tools to help others transform. Help others rediscover hope, inspiration and passion & guide them to greater Success & Happiness.

Anyone interested in Personal or Professional Growth

Personally, you will take your relationships to a whole new level with a depth of understanding. Professionally, your new NLP & Coaching skills will accelerate project work, promotions and performance in all areas.

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Your Trainer

Luke Salway

International Facilitator, Master Coach & Leadership Consultant 

As the Managing Director of NLP Top Coach, Luke’s passion is developing World-Class Leaders, Coaches & Trainers. His inspiration comes from seeing the transformation & breakthroughs with the individuals he works with, helping them become the best version of themselves. His joy & fulfilment comes from helping companies, throughout the Asia-Pacific region, become more efficient, engaged & profitable.

Luke’s most successful projects include working with multi-national companies, across the region, supporting them with Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Sales Training & Developing Coaching Competencies. With 15+ years in Leadership roles in the region, Luke dynamically connects, engages & inspires teams throughout Asia. He also thrives when working with SME’s & Entrepreneurs, supporting them to accelerate their personal & professional growth.

With experience in all industries, and expertise in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Education, Automotive, Hospitality, Chemical & FMCG, Luke’s diverse knowledge across industries and cultures enable him to deliver clear, concise & measurable results for his clients & partners. Having Coached & Trained in more than 10 countries, including Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Dubai & Australia, Luke’s cultural awareness helps him align multi-national teams towards a common goal & success.

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, and ACC qualified Coach with the ICF, Luke’s strength is helping individuals unleash their full potential. When individual talent is correctly harnessed within an organization, and then multiplied throughout the workforce, amazing results are the guaranteed outcome.

Luke looks forward to working with you on a customized solution soon.



Training Location:

Srinakarinwirot University, soi 21 Sukhumvit Road

Location Map Link: GoogleMap link 

Getting There: As you head towards the main Asoke intesection (Terminal 21) from Petchaburi Rd, it will be on your left. You can also walk from Sukhumvit MRT, Petchaburi MRT, or Asoke BTS (5-10min walk). Parking is available, and you can also access via soi 23 & soi 31

Head towards the Starbucks Coffee Shop, and to the right, you will see the elevators. Come up to the 15th floor, and we’ll see you there !!

If you get lost, please call 087 301 9575

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