Sales Mastery




The BEST training you can ever invest in is a Sales Training. Why? Because it has the best & easiest method to measure your ROI. You simply watch your Sales revenue GROW. After this training, you will experience the following;

  • Watch revenues Grow

  • See your teamwork develop

  • Receive glowing customer testimonials

  • Get repeat customers, more often

  • Create a ‘buzz’ in the work environment

  • Develop a ‘Self-Motivated’ Team

Here is our most popular 1 day training…

Unleash Your Sales Power Workshop – 1 day

A 1 day intensive workshop designed to increase your Sales, Revenue & Teamwork. This workshop focuses on the power of the Unconscious Mind, by removing Fear & Limiting Belief. Then, we ‘install’ Empowering Belief, and teach you the 2 most powerful techniques of the best sales professionals… Passion & Confidence!! Unleash your team’s power & SMASH your Sales targets TODAY!

“I built my sales career from zero to become the worlds best motivator by using NLP” — Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within


» Sales Manager/Director
» Sales Person
» Entrepreneurs
» Tele-Marketers
» Financial Advisors
» Start-up companies
» Multi-level marketers(MLM)
» Real Estate Agent
» Anyone involved in Sales

Available as Custom In-House Training Only.

We often facilitate international companies who visit Thailand for their corporate retreats. Here are just some of our satisfied clients:

Special Training Solutions Available anywhere in Bangkok, Thailand or Asia-Pacific, with options as follows;

  • 1-2 Hour – “Sales Motivator”

  • Half Day – “Sales Explosion”

  • Full Day – “Unleash Your Sales Power”

  • Two Day – “Sales Excellence Workshop”

  • Three Day – “Custom Sales Manual Creation” – Create your phone & email scripts, prospecting, setting appointments, first & second meetings, overcome objections, close sales, referral, upsell, customer service, role play and much more

  • 3 Month – “Sales Coaching” – ongoing Sales Coaching to fully develop your team, your processes and your results!!