Transformational Leadership Journey 

Within 3 days you will discover your true self, establish your life purpose, forge your path for success and learn the 15 laws of transformational leadership, a set of convenient beliefs which you can leverage for your own and others success. Develop your personal network with a group of likeminded individuals who thrive on personal growth. Model excellence, create abundance, and welcome a life of passion.

John Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership guru and his teachings, tools and techniques are proven to produce outstanding results in all aspects of your life. In this breakthrough training session the NLP Top Coach Team will guide you with some of the most powerful systems of creating results in your own life. Passively learning these tools is not enough, at Transformational Leadership Journey you will be actively coached on how you can apply these fundamental techniques of excellence.


Benefits of Transformational Leadership Journey 

International Teachings

If you are looking for peak performance in your Wealth, Health, Business, Relationships, Personal Identity and Emotional management then this is the pathway for you. Create a stronger family, build a better team and leverage a more powerful mindset for group and personal success.

Develop Personal Excellence

Create direction in your life and establish goals which inspire action in you. Discover how to build confidence to take on bigger opportunities and build the best version of yourself so you are capable of conquering the highest mountains and creating unstoppable momentum in your environment.

Becoming a leader

All leaders are capable decision makers, demonstrating personal excellence to their teams to inspire growth, motivation and determination to do whatever it takes to succeed and win. Becoming the leader you were always destined to be starts with the decision to join Transformational Leadership Journey and step up to new levels of development.

Develop World Class Communication Skills

Your results are a direct reflection of your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and the people around you. Communicate at the highest level to connect, persuade and influence faster. Step out of your comfort zone and develop the confidence to speak up, speak out and speak elegantly. In communicating with yourself you manage your emotions and make decisions which positively impact.

Who Should Attend this

Transformational Leadership Journey

People who want to grow, develop and create an amazing future

Your personal journey starts when you make the active decision to do the things you know will help you to expand and grow into a new, improved version of yourself. The only thing holding you back is a mindset that does not serve you anymore.

CEO, Senior Executive, Head of Department,
HR Manager, Training Manager

With so many levels of leadership, reinforcing the foundations is the most integral part of building a successful leadership structure. Your ability to connect, persuade and influence at all levels of your organization is determined by your behavioral flexibility and access to personal communication resources.

Teams and Talent Pools

Teams that learn together, earn together. Create more collective productivity in your teams by bringing them to learn how to become future leaders. Plant the seed of continuous development and encourage collective team growth.

Transformational Leadership Journey Packages

Your Trainer

Sebastien Leblond 

Author, Certified NLP Master Trainer & Business Coach

Sebastien Leblond is a well sought-after Speaker, Author, Certified NLP Master Trainer and Business Coach for individuals and corporations who want to unleash their power to achieve Success and Happiness to have an extraordinary life in their Business, Career, Relationship, Wealth and Health.

Sebastien went from being a delivery boy in small town Quebec, Canada to a Millionaire when he founded NLP Top Coach, one of the fastest-growing Coaching and Leadership Development Companies in the world.

He is now one of the only 14 Certified Master Trainers of NLP in the world by the ABNLP (The American Board of NLP).

To-date, Sebastien has certified more than 40,000 individuals and successful World-Class Coaches and Trainers from more than 30 different countries. His mission is to help them build their own successful coaching and training companies and because of his passion, he is well known for helping businesses grow their revenues and profits by 30%-3,000% in one year or less using the proven powerful tools, techniques and systems of NLP.

Sebastien has worked with Anthony Robbins as part of his ‘Must’ Team, a special elite team that supports Anthony around the world transforming millions of people’s lives.

Sebastien now resides in Thailand and is happily married with his wife and is blessed with twin boys, Maximus and Tristan.

As part of his philanthropic efforts in contributing to the community, Sebastien has set up NLP Top Coach Foundation to support children’s education and people in need.


Training Location:


Sukhumvit Area
Bangkok, Thailand

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