Business Coaching Certification: Understanding What Coaches Do

Professional Trainer Gloria Soo working with a professional business coaching association training class.
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    Wondering exactly what a business coaching certification involves? Confused about how to get started on the path to becoming a successful coach? This guide will answer all your questions and help you decide whether to go down the path of obtaining a business coaching certification and the qualifications you need to pursue a coaching business as a career.

    What Is a Business Coaching Certification?

    An accredited business coaching course provides attendees with the training, tools, coaching skills, and official certification to work with business owners and industry leaders. This certification proves the authenticity of an executive coaches skills and is especially helpful for coaches who are just starting out.

    Once you obtain a business coach certification, you can work with a range of clients, from senior executives and department heads at large corporations to small business owners. While the program will prepare you with all kinds of transferrable skills like decision making and goal setting, experience in a particular niche will make you a specialist. 

    Who Should Become Business Coaching Certified?

    Becoming a professional certified coach is a great way for many professionals to upgrade their resumes. Many of the skills learned during these sessions are transferrable and can apply to a variety of professions and job posts.

    Business certification opens a lot of doors for professional development. Coaches can increase their income streams and add multiple new skills to their repertoire. Some of the various professionals who can benefit from this training include business owners, c-suite, senior executives, department heads, and HR managers.

    Business Owners

    While many business owners hire coaches to help them achieve their goals, completing one of these courses yourself is another great way to maximize your potential. Business coaching teaches skills like decision-making, critical thinking, realistic goal setting, and other accountability measures, which are immensely helpful for business owners.


    If you’re a chief executive or chief operating officer at a large corporation business coaching certification is definitely worth the time and effort. These training courses teach professionals how to break down long-term goals and objectives into short-term achievable benchmarks. As a c-suit officer, this is an invaluable skill that will help your progress in the office.

    Senior Executives

    Senior executives are responsible not just for setting deadlines, but for holding the entire team accountable and being encouraging while doing so. Business coaches specialize in these skills, which makes certified executives a lot more capable when playing their assigned roles!

    Department Heads

    The focus and direction that comes from business coach training can be a guiding force for department heads who need to meet quarterly targets. With proper certification your bosses will know you’ve acquired new, relevant skills to upgrade your resume and they’ll see it reflected in your work as well. This helps with upward mobility in the workplace.

    HR Managers

    HR managers and business coaches have a lot of soft skills in common, including good communication, teamwork, and creating a safe space for colleagues to openly discuss ideas. 

    When you’ve completed a business coaching certification program you’ll learn important tips and strategies that will help you become an expert at your job, and give you more tools to work with.

    People Who Want To Be Professional Coaches

    While one aspect of business coaching certification is its value as an additional resource, many professionals choose to make coaching their entire career. For participants who fall into this category, there are a lot of opportunities and career possibilities to be explored. 

    Whether you want to become a trainer, a consultant, or simply want to pursue career improvement, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you’re confused about whether this is the right option for you, simply consider the value a coaching certification can add to your career.


    One field that opens up to a certified coach is to become a business coaching trainer. Once you’ve learned what the job entails, there’s nothing stopping you from developing a course of your own and teaching others. 

    With a comprehensive training program like NLP Top Coach’s business coaching sessions you not only get access to valuable materials and resources, but also a front-row seat to how a course like this is run. The best part about the NLP courses is that you still have free online access to the resources after the end of the session and can customize them to fit your own needs.

    So, if you decide you want to train the business coaches of the future getting certified is absolutely worth the investment.


    Certification from a reliable service opens up a lot of doors for consultants, from multi-national organizations to small businesses. With the documentation to prove you have the skills needed to help a business rebrand, grow, and expand you’ll be able to take on clients and start your own successful consultancy service.

    People Interested in Career Improvement

    Showing your employers that you’re taking the steps to improve your qualifications and your skills guarantees career improvement. The initiative it takes to dedicate time, money, and effort to an in-depth program like business coaching certification shows initiative and drive – qualities companies are always looking for in their employees. 

    So if you want to move up in your organization, find a higher-paying job, or increase your income streams, a business coaching certification will do a lot to get you on your way.

    What Business Coaching Certifications Does NLP Top Coach Offer?

    The NLP Top Coach Business Certification program is a 4-day training course that covers everything you need to know about business coaching. From the basic ideals and strategies to a variety of customizable turnkey solutions the resources and materials provided by the instructors add an incredible amount of value to the program.

    You’ll learn strategies on how to help business leaders plan for success, but also how to approach new clients as a freshly certified coach. Since the course covers so much information you can apply these lessons to any type of business, niche, or field, from multinationals and conglomerates to small business ventures.

    Normally, the course is priced at $7897, however, there are a few open spots for early bird customers to purchase the course at a discounted price of $6497. These seats are limited and only open for a short amount of time so don’t miss your window of opportunity! 

    You can choose whether you want to pay for the entire program in one go or set up a monthly payment plan with the NLP customer service team.

    PBCA Accredited Business Coaching Certification

    Since the NLP Top Coach program is PBCA accredited it has a lot of marketability. The Professional Business Coaches Alliance ensures that the training materials are up-to-date and comprehensive so you’re getting value for your money. 

    Additionally, there are a lot of cheap, online business coaching courses that offer certification without any proper training. So when you approach business owners as a newly certified coach they will check up on the legitimacy of your program, and PBCA accreditation makes sure everything’s above board.

    What Are the Benefits of Getting Certified With NLP Top Coach

    While PBCA accreditation ensures the authenticity of a course there’s a lot more that goes into adding value to a business coaching program. The NLP Top Coach team has spent years perfecting the formula to make professionals in all types of fields get the job opportunities they deserve. 

    Keep in mind that business coaching is a highly competitive field and while experience counts for a great deal, the quality of your program is what’s going to get your career started. So what are some of the factors that ensure you’re getting value for your money?

    Expert Trainers

    Taught by none other than founder and business coaching expert Sebastien Leblond, the NLP certification course has improved the careers of over 40,000 professionals across 30 countries. Leblond’s expert techniques are tried, tested, and proven to work. His Neuro Linguistic Programming and ICF Coaching methods have made him a household name.

    Needless to say, you’re in safe hands! With his years of experience and hands-on approach, you’ll go from trainee to trainer in no time.

    In-Depth Training

    The NLP Top Coach courses go way beyond the basics of business coaching. From the content explored to the method of instruction, the in-depth training approach will prepare you for the real world. This program covers everything from goal setting and branding to decision-making and company growth.

    Whether you want to help an established business rebrand and target a new audience or assist a small business owner scale up, the business coaching course will give you all the tools you need to get the job done. Graduates of the program have gone on to find high-paying jobs as business coaches and entrepreneurs. 

    Robust Training Materials

    The robust training materials draw on all the latest research and techniques to provide business coaches with a thorough understanding of how the business works. The instructors use real-life examples and personal experiences to guide their classes through a number of hypothetical problems. 

    By the time you’re through with this program, you’ll know how to react in any type of environment or crisis situation. The quality of the training materials sets this course apart from its competitors since many of the strategies and techniques are tried and tested methods used by experienced coaches. The fact that these tools have a proven track record is what makes entry into this course so valuable for prospective business coaches.

    Post Training Resources

    Unlike other programs where trainees only have access to the resources for the duration of the program, NLP Top Coach gives you free online access to all of the tools used. Once you’ve passed through the course you can personalize these turnkey solutions to meet the needs of your clients without risking copyright infringement.

    As a new coach, the ability to draw on the experience of expert coaches and these post-training resources makes it a lot easier to succeed in the world of business coaching.

    Professional Certification To Show Clients

    Getting a professional certificate is the best and fastest way to show clients that you’re serious about your work and have the paperwork to prove your skills. When you want to work for a large business or a corporation, professional certification is the bare minimum requirement to get your foot in the door.

    Even coaches who aim to specialize in a small business niche, having the proper training reassures clients that you know what you’re talking about. As a new coach with little field experience, this is an absolute must!

    Why Should You Work With an Expert Trainer vs Cheap Online Course

    Business coaching is a high-stakes field. You’re a direct advisor to a business owner, COO, or executive and the suggestions you make can have a drastic impact on the company’s bottom line. Many small businesses bring in coaches when they’re struggling to make ends meet and are on the verge of bankruptcy. Then the stakes are even higher.

    When you’re basing your career on the advice you got on the internet, for little to no money, you take a huge risk. These cheap online courses aren’t accredited, don’t have qualified instructors, and use the bare minimum resources. As such, the value you get out of completing these courses is often not enough to properly guide a business.

    Working with an expert trainer prepares you with the tools to succeed. Business coaching is an incredibly competitive field, and if you fail at the first job you get then you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot. Entering the field unprepared leaves you vulnerable and prone to failure. 

    In this business, one loss is the end of someone’s business and your career. So you might as well make the investment, put in the work, and do it right the first time!

    How Long Does It Take To Become a Certified Business Coach

    The NLP Top Coach program is a 3-day course after which trainees will receive their certificates. While it may help new coaches to find a mentor to work with, you can also start approaching clients once you have your certification. At that point, it’s all about putting in the work to get your coaching career up and running.

    All in all, it doesn’t take long to become a certified business coach. You could sign up today and turn your career around by the end of the week!

    Are Business Certification Classes Online or In-Person

    You can choose whether you want to attend the 4-day immersive training in Bangkok, Thailand, or get the same certification through the online live virtual seminars. The resources, instructors, and course material is the same no matter what you choose. 

    The in-person training session is from October 4 to October 7 but if you’re a part of a group you can always contact the team to request a customized group course!

    Get Started on Your Business Certification Journey Today

    Whether you want to become a business coach, upgrade your skill level, or progress professionally, all you need to do is sign up for the NLP Business Coaching Certification. It’s extremely easy and the first concrete step towards the career you want. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the field of business coaching or already know the basics, the course will cover everything you need to know! The ideal candidate for a job as a coach is something who has an understanding of how businesses work, what consumers want, and how to support the vision of the business owner. If you feel like that’s you then get started!

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    Sebastien Leblond is the Founder of NLP Top Coach, a leading NLP Coaching and Leadership Development Company. He is among an exclusive group of American Board of NLP Certified NLP Master Trainers in the world. More than 40,000 individuals across 30+ countries have been trained and certified by Sebastien to become world-class coaches and trainers. Sebastien is originally from Québec, Canada, and now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and children.

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