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Picture of Sebastian LeBlond working with a course as a business coach.
Sebastien Leblond

What Is Business Coaching: Helping Companies Become Better

Looking for a change of pace? Want to start a career as a business coach, but you are not completely sure what is business coaching? This guide will work you through all the basics, from what a business coach does, to the leadership skills and certifications you’ll need to get started! What Is Business Coaching?

Professional Trainer Gloria Soo working with a professional business coaching association training class.
Sebastien Leblond

Business Coaching Certification: Understanding What Coaches Do

Wondering exactly what a business coaching certification involves? Confused about how to get started on the path to becoming a successful coach? This guide will answer all your questions and help you decide whether to go down the path of obtaining a business coaching certification and the qualifications you need to pursue a coaching business

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Business Coaching Certification Cost: What Goes Into The Price

Want to start a career as a business coach? Not sure how to start or what the business coaching certification cost will be? The NLP Top Coach Program is a comprehensive class that covers all the basic techniques and even teaches you how to start a coaching business. Read on to find out how much

Picture of Sebastian LeBlond going through a business coaching certification course.
Sebastien Leblond

Becoming a Business Coach: Understanding The Coaching Certification Process

Becoming a business coach is no easy task, but with the proper training and resources, you can succeed in this highly competitive field. Coaching requires a certain skill set and aptitude. This guide is going to break down everything you need to know about business coaching and help you identify whether this is the best