Professional Hypnotherapy Certification

Students during a hypnotherapy training course learning new techniques.

In today’s competitive world, coaching has become essential to setting your clients up for success.

Getting your Hypnotherapy Certification gives your coaching business an edge. It’s all about empowering your clients to kick bad habits and embrace their potential.

Are you seeking to enrich your skill sets to include Hypnotherapy? Read on!

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    What Is Hypnotherapy Coaching?

    Two people during a hypnotherapy certification training program working through techniques they just learned in class.

    To start your journey toward becoming a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, it’s crucial to get a grasp of the general scope of work.

    Let’s start with the basics of Hypnotherapy and what it means to your clients.


    Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis (an altered state of consciousness) in a therapeutic setting. Its benefits range from alleviating physical symptoms to quitting bad habits.

    It’s one of the oldest branches of modern psychiatry and has been subject to constant improvement.

    However, there are many forms practiced today. Each one tackles different aspects of psychological ailments, self-improvement, and positive habit formation.

    What Do Practitioners of Hypnotherapy Do?

    A Practitioner of Hypnotherapy is trained to guide a person through a hypnosis session. On a regular day, their job might include any of the following:

    • Consulting with the client to find out more about the nature of the problem they want to fix;
    • Calmly explaining the hypnotherapy process;
    • Preparing the client to enter a hypnotic state, letting them know what they will experience;
    • Testing the client to determine whether they’re at the desired level of emotional and physical suggestibility;
    • Inducing the hypnotic state by speaking in a soft, relaxing manner. Then, guiding the client through the altered state of consciousness;
    • Applying a personalized approach depending on the client’s case and receptibility; and
    • In some cases, you’ll have to teach the client self-hypnosis to better cope with their problem.

    Who Works With Hypnotherapists?

    Many people resort to Hypnotherapy to address hard to quit habits such as smoking, overeating, or insomnia. Hypnotherapy has also been used to treat phobias such as fear of heights, fear of flying, and to address issues like lack of self-esteem. Some medical professionals may incorporate hypnotherapy in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.

    Who Can Benefit From a Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification?

    Hypnotherapy instructor working with a trainee during a certification program.

    Hypnotherapy coaching can be an invaluable tool to empower you and your clients.

    Let’s dive into the different demographics who can benefit from Hypnotherapy Coaching.

    Who Can Benefit From a Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification?

    Many professionals encounter situations where they can benefit from knowing Hypnotherapy techniques.

    This includes therapists, doctors, and other healthcare personnel. However, it’s not just limited to treating patients in a clinical setting.

    People seeking professional careers as coaches can also benefit from this certification. It’s a great weapon to have in your arsenal if you want to address day-to-day client problems. It’ll go a long way with offering tangible solutions with proven efficacy.

    Even if you don’t belong to the previous categories and are just interested in your personal and professional growth, you’re welcome to join!

    A Hypnotherapy certification will give you insight into yourself and your motivations. Ultimately, it’ll reflect on your ability to help identify your behavioral battens and reinforce positive habits.

    What Benefits Does a Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification Provide?

    Hypnotherapy certification can help you on both a personal and professional level.

    There’s a wide range of benefits to look forward to once you’ve completed a Hypnotherapy course and received your certification.

    Here are the main highlights:
    • Be more aware of the human subconscious and its influence on behaviors and decisions;
    • Treat your clients on a more profound level, giving them more options when it comes to their wellness journey;
    • Grow your therapy practice to accommodate a larger demographic of patients;
    • Have a higher success rate in treating patients with complex problems, such as PTSD or severe anxiety; and
    • Create a name for yourself in this highly competitive field by mastering the techniques of Hypnotherapy.

    How Can You Learn More About Hypnotherapy Coaching Certifications?

    Getting all the basics down can be challenging at first, but having the right sources can make it significantly easier.

    Here at NLP Top Coach, we have multiple resources you can access to learn more about Hypnotherapy the right way.

    Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification Courses

    Three students during a hypnotherapy certification training course working through the material.

    At NLP Top Coach, we provide two courses that qualify you with Hypnotherapy coaching certification.

    The first is the Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification Training, and the second is the Hypnotherapy Train the Trainer Certification.

    You can choose the first course if you want to incorporate Hypnotherapy into your practice. It’s an excellent tool to grow your coaching or therapy clientele.

    As for the second, it’ll teach you how to train other coaches in Hypnotherapy techniques, replicating NLP Top Coach’s success.

    What Is Covered In a Hypnotherapy Certification Course?

    Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification Training is a hands-on course that focuses on several behavioral issues.

    The course includes seminars that tackle smoking, overeating, stress, and performance enhancement. The training follows the format of theory, demonstration, practice, and debriefing.

    You’ll learn all the tools you need to help your clients fix their problems. You’ll also learn to focus on the process and see how a professional Hypnotherapist engages with their client.

    What Is Typically Covered in a Hypnotherapy Coach Certification Course?

    In the Train the Trainer Certification course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to train and certify Practitioners of Hypnotherapy.

    It also teaches you how to convey the techniques of Hypnotherapy to prospective trainers.

    On top of that, this course also has an action-oriented approach. This means that you get to apply and utilize everything you learn during this training.

    In the end, you’ll add one more internationally recognized certification to your credentials. You’ll also expand your training business to a whole new level.

    How Long Are Hypnotherapy Coach Certification Courses?

    NLP Top Coach offers a 3-day immersive course for the Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification. On the other hand, there’s the 5-day Hypnotherapy Train the Trainer Certification for advanced levels.

    Both courses are conducted in live in Bangkok, Thailand as well as virtually. This way, you can join the course from anywhere around the world.

    Hypnotherapy Certification Training Schedule

    Hypnotherapy Certification20-22 Jan 2025Bangkok,ThailandLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now

    Hypnotherapy Coach Certification Cost: What Goes Into Pricing a Course?

    Sebastian Leblond sitting with a student during a training course and working one on one to learn a technique.

    Helping you get the most out of your financial investment in the Hypnotherapy certification course of your choice is our primary goal.

    First, let’s find out what goes into pricing our courses.

    What Is the Price Range for Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification?

    The courses we provide tackle two different demographics:

    • People interested in learning Hypnotherapy
    • Those who wish to train future Hypnotherapists

    The first course, Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification Training, provides an in-depth analysis of the field. It also gives you tools to implement them in your practice. The 3-day immersive course costs around 27,900 THB (about 800 USD.)

    The second course, Hypnotherapy Train the Trainer Certification, is more advanced. It gives all the insider information you need to start your training-the-trainer business. The 5-day intensive course costs 98,900 THB (about 2,900 USD.)

    What Impacts How Much a Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification Will Cost?

    Your Hypnotherapy coaching certificate might come from a reputable, recognized institute. It could also come from non-professionals who claim to know more than they actually do.

    The difference in experience level and certification will matter in the cost.

    Our Train The Trainer course is approved and certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH.) This means you’ll be a recognized and fully qualified Hypnotherapy Trainer by the ABH.

    This is internationally recognized and allows you to run your own courses later on. It also allows you to certify your future student as a Certified Hypnotherapist under the ABH.

    Why Is Working With an Experienced Trainer Important?

    Hypnotherapy may be a reliable way to gain access to the subconscious. Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s not contraindicated in some cases. There are side effects to it, just like any other coaching tool.

    Learning from an experienced trainer helps you identify these problems before they pop. After all, working with several cases is the best way to get a better grasp of the field.

    This way, you discover how you can customize your practices to help your client the most. It also gives you tools to deal with any unexpected results in your future practice.

    A Final Word About Becoming a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

    Students during a training course working together to learn a new technique just taught to them.

    As a coach, getting your Hypnotherapy Certification can help you make strides in your personal and professional life.

    With this tool, you’ll be able to peer into the human subconscious. It’ll allow you to help your clients solve their problems and improve their lives.

    You can enroll in the Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Training to add hypnosis to your practice.

    Alternatively, you can apply for the Train the Trainer Certification to pass on the experience with your own course.

    Either way, NLP Top Coach, led by Sebastien Leblond, will help you reach your potential and empower your clientele.

    Picture of Sebastien Leblond


    Sebastien Leblond is the Founder of NLP Top Coach, a leading NLP Coaching and Leadership Development Company. He is among an exclusive group of American Board of NLP Certified NLP Master Trainers in the world. More than 40,000 individuals across 30+ countries have been trained and certified by Sebastien to become world-class coaches and trainers. Sebastien is originally from Québec, Canada, and now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and children.

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