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Picture of Sebastian LeBlond working with a course as a business coach.
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What Is Business Coaching: Helping Companies Become Better

Looking for a change of pace? Want to start a career as a business coach, but you are not completely sure what is business coaching? This guide will work you through all the basics, from what a business coach does, to the leadership skills and certifications you’ll need to get started! What Is Business Coaching?

Professional Trainer Gloria Soo working with a professional business coaching association training class.
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Business Coaching Certification: Understanding What Coaches Do

Wondering exactly what a business coaching certification involves? Confused about how to get started on the path to becoming a successful coach? This guide will answer all your questions and help you decide whether to go down the path of obtaining a business coaching certification and the qualifications you need to pursue a coaching business

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Business Coaching Certification Cost: What Goes Into The Price

Want to start a career as a business coach? Not sure how to start or what the business coaching certification cost will be? The NLP Top Coach Program is a comprehensive class that covers all the basic techniques and even teaches you how to start a coaching business. Read on to find out how much

Picture of Sebastian LeBlond going through a business coaching certification course.
Sebastien Leblond

Becoming a Business Coach: Understanding The Coaching Certification Process

Becoming a business coach is no easy task, but with the proper training and resources, you can succeed in this highly competitive field. Coaching requires a certain skill set and aptitude. This guide is going to break down everything you need to know about business coaching and help you identify whether this is the best

Sebastian Leblond teaching students content during the business coaching certification program from NLP Top Coach.
Sebastien Leblond

Professional Business Coaching Certification

Corporations worldwide spend millions each year to improve the productivity of their employees, streamline operations, and achieve their goals. Much of this money is spent on business coaches who understand how to bring out the best in businesses. As a business coach, you can be a part of helping companies improve productivity and get paid