Business Coaching Certification Cost: What Goes Into The Price

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    Want to start a career as a business coach? Not sure how to start or what the business coaching certification cost will be? The NLP Top Coach Program is a comprehensive class that covers all the basic techniques and even teaches you how to start a coaching business. Read on to find out how much it costs, what value the course offers, and when you can take it!

    How Much Does the NLP Top Coach Business Coaching Certification Cost?

    While the NLP Top Coach Business Coaching Certification cost is $7897 normally, a few lucky individuals can take advantage of the early bird offer and register for $6497! Attendees can choose whether they want to make a lump sum payment or sign up for a monthly payment plan instead.

    On the other hand, if you’re coming with friends or family NLP also offers group discounts on a customer-by-customer basis. You can reach out to the team for more details at +66-86-903-9059.

    What Goes Into The Business Coaching Certification Cost?

    This 4-day crash course covers everything you need to know about business coaching, from strategies to gain new clients to the fundamentals of coaching. But the value of this course extends a lot farther than the in-person sessions. 

    PBCA offers attendees unlimited access to a wealth of solutions. The ability to use these copyrighted resources in your early days as a business coach can definitely give you a leg up on your competition.

    The Reputation of the Instructor

    Speaker and coach Sebastien Leblond has spent over a decade in the corporate world, giving seminars and training professionals in the art of business coaching. His Neuro Linguistic Programming and ICF Coaching methods have made him a huge name in the business. 

    With his patented techniques and unique approach, Leblond has trained over 40,000 individuals across 30 countries. He is an expert at unleashing the potential in trainees and creating innumerable success stories!

    Quality of the Training Material

    The high-value training materials for this course teach coaches how to help clients define their goals, create a workable growth strategy, and devise a branding plan. What makes the NLP Business Coaching Certification so incredible is that the training material targets a diverse range of clients, from multinationals and conglomerates to small business ventures. 

    With these premium turnkey solutions and easily accessible online resource banks, coaches can build a strong portfolio of clients. The course teaches strategies and techniques that have a surefire success rate and have built the careers of some of the best coaches in the industry. 

    Location of the Training

    The 4-day total immersive live training takes place in Bangkok, Thailand from October 4 to October 7, but you can choose to attend the online live virtual seminars from anywhere in the world. The training will take place in English with real-time Thai translation to cater to our wide range of trainees.

    Participants from multiple countries have already signed up for this much-awaited group course. However, if these days are inconvenient for you the NLP top coach team can always help you find alternatives. Groups or teams for specific organizations can always book customized sessions to help upgrade their skills.

    How Long Does Coach Training and Certification Take?

    Despite the extensive resource material and comprehensive training that takes place, attendees will be able to receive their certificates by the end of the 4th day. That means you can jump-start your professional career as a business coach within a week and completely turn your life around.

    NLP Top Coach also offers tips on how to find clients and get started in the business. With their huge network and the opportunities that this certification offers, you could get started as a Sales Director or Coach within a week or two! 

    By approaching other established coaches beforehand, you can even line up a mentorship spot before the training starts. That way, you’ll be able to fully implement and capitalize on the resources from your session and hit the ground running.

    Career Prospects for Business Coaches

    Business coaches have a range of career prospects because the principles and techniques can be applied at any level. From the niche you choose to the methods you employ, it all comes down to your style of coaching. 

    Large corporations hire a number of business coaches for each department and division. Jobs like these require you to have specialized expertise relevant to the area you’re working in. Generally, working for a company promises long-term job security since its goal is to increase profits continually. Corporations also have more resources dedicated to their growth potential.

    Small businesses often bring in a coach when they’re on a downward turn. Here the job of the coach is to figure out how to mitigate losses and rebrand the business. Working with independent businesses lets you build your expertise in this market. 

    For coaches starting out it may be a good idea to target small businesses in your area. As a local with specialized training, you’ll be able to offer customer insight that can help revamp the brand.

    Finally, coaches can work directly with business owners. With individual clients, your job is to push them to aim higher, become better leaders, and focus on the best ways to achieve their goals. This niche requires a coach with experience in starting or upscaling a business.

    Your client roster or resume will vary depending on the type of client you wish to work with.

    How Much Can Certified Businesses Coaches Make?

    Business coaching is definitely an incredibly profitable field, with projected upward growth over the next decade. Glassdoor puts the average total salary of a coach at around $89,000 per year, with a base pay of $71,000 and additional commissions, tips, bonuses, and profit sharing. These values definitely vary depending on the coach’s experience and expertise.

    For example, certified coaches may earn anywhere between $67,000 to $97,000 depending on their individual resumes, experience, and niche. Without the proper certification, it is incredibly difficult for a coach to prove their authenticity and get a high paying job with a good company. So even if you’ve learned the skills and the techniques you still need that stamp of approval!

    What Benefits Does Becoming Business Coaching Certified Provide?

    In addition to teaching you valuable skills and techniques, business coaching certification helps you land a high-paying job with a lot of opportunities for professional growth. After all, if you want to start a career as a coach it isn’t enough to have the skill and talent. You need to learn how to market yourself, get clients, and build a successful career in the field.

    Better Market Yourself to Clients

    Certification from a verified and reliable organization gives you something to put on your resume. It doesn’t matter how much talent you think you have. As a beginner in the business, you haven’t had a chance to prove your mettle. Business coaching certification proves to the client that you have the credentials and training to back up your claims. 

    Higher Earning Potential

    Professionals with PBCA certification are more likely to get high-paying jobs at good companies than ones who don’t. The legitimacy of the course lets you market yourself to the type of clients you want and start off on the right foot. For coaches with little or no experience, becoming certified is their best bet at getting a foot in the door.

    Support From NLP Top Coach

    The NLP Top Coach network connects you with hundreds of business coaches at corporations and companies across the world. With the certification comes the opportunity to network with your peers and find the perfect type of coaching job. You have the support of the team, the participants, and the resource material, giving you a definite edge over your competitors.

    Tap Into an Established Network

    Why try to reinvent the wheel when you have a proven way that works? With certification, you get to tap into an established network of coaches, sales directors, HR personnel, business executives, and business owners who know you’re a reliable candidate. Once you’re a part of the network a lot of doors will start opening for you!

    More Reputable Than Non-Certified Coaches

    Certified coaches with an authentic practice are considered more reputable than non-certified coaches. This makes them eligible for jobs in large corporations and multinationals. If you want to work at a higher level, with multiple companies and clients from across the world you’ll need proper certification to have your CV considered.

    Why Is Working With a Reputable Coach Important

    Working alongside a reputable coach as you gain in-field experience is the best option for a newly certified professional. A good coach has the experience and skill to isolate a business’ key challenges and develop strategies for business growth. Learning from an expert can redirect your perspective and give you an up close look at how the business works.

    You’ll be able to interact with professionals in all types of circles, network effectively, and learn how to interact with clients. After shadowing a reputable coach for around 6 months you’ll be ready to start your own business by targeting a few big clients.

    Begin Your Journey Toward Becoming Business Coaching Certified

    Sign up for the NLP Business Coaching Certification and take concrete steps towards your dream job today. You don’t need any prior knowledge or information. However, it definitely helps if you have some idea of how businesses work, what consumers are looking for, and how companies can rebrand to attract attention in a digital market.

    If you’re internet savvy, well-informed, and have a head for organization, a crash course on coaching tips and techniques will more than prepare you for success as a business coach.

    Picture of Sebastien Leblond

    Sebastien Leblond

    Sebastien Leblond is the Founder of NLP Top Coach, a leading NLP Coaching and Leadership Development Company. He is among an exclusive group of American Board of NLP Certified NLP Master Trainers in the world. More than 40,000 individuals across 30+ countries have been trained and certified by Sebastien to become world-class coaches and trainers. Sebastien is originally from Québec, Canada, and now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and children.

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