Hypnotherapy Certification Cost: Understanding What Goes Into The Price

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    Want to start a career as a hypnotherapist? Wondering what the typical hypnotherapy certification cost is? Read on to learn how much this investment will cost you, the value it can offer, the hours of training you need, and your earning potential after completing a hypnotherapy training program.

    How Much Does the NLP top Coach 2-in-1 Hypnotherapy Certification Cost?

    A comprehensive hypnotherapy training course with hands-on practice and official certification, the NLP Top Coach Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 adds up to 35,000 THB (approximately 990 USD) for regular buyers. 

    That said, a few lucky attendees can register now to get the early bird special! With the discount you can get the entire course, research materials included, for the low price of 27,900 THB (approximately 770 USD).

    Additionally, if you sign up with your friends or family our team does offer discounts on group purchases. Don’t forget to reach out to our customer support staff if you want further information on payment or dates!

    How Much Does the NLP Top Coach Train The Trainer Hypnotherapy Certification Cost?

    For professionals who want to pursue a career as hypnotherapy coaches, we recommend the NLP Train the Trainer course. While the normal price for this certification is 125,000 THB (approximately 3460 USD), you can take advantage of the early bird special and nab it at just 98,900 THB (approximately 2740 USD).

    In addition to the regular hypnosis training techniques, this course also covers additional material geared toward future coaches. From teaching strategies to designing a comprehensive syllabus this course gives you a front-row seat to hypnotherapy instruction. You’ll read about it, and see it practiced in real time!

    What Goes Into Hypnotherapy Certification Cost and Certification Requirements?

    There’s a lot that goes into pricing a hypnotherapy certification course. We want to make sure our customers are getting a lot of value for the investment they’re making. So here are some of the factors that contribute to the final cost.

    The Reputation of the Instructor

    The first point to consider is definitely the reputation of the instructor. While it’s easy to find endless cheap hypnotherapy courses online, you’ll notice that websites often don’t list the qualifications of their instructors.

    At NLP top coach we believe that the certification is only as valuable as the knowledge and experience of the coach. Our hypnotherapy courses at taught by none other than founder and hypnotherapy expert Sebastian Leblond, as well as, the highly experienced Coach Nenad. 

    With over a decade of experience coaching at a corporate level, Leblond is one of the most reputable names in the industry. Over 40,000 professionals have passed through NLP Top Coach’s programs and made a name for themselves as leaders in various industries.

    Quality of the Training Material and Certification Program

    Backed by all the latest research in the field of clinical hypnotherapy, the high-quality training material definitely makes NLP’s programs incredibly valuable. All of the resources provided by the course instructors will take you from the basics of hypnotherapy to advanced strategies that give attendees a comprehensive understanding of the practice.

    The best part is that NLP Top Coach’s resources go beyond just the theoretical aspects of hypnosis. They teach useful strategies with real-world applicability. So you can take all you learn from the training material and directly translate it into practice.

    Extra Support Offered and Hours of Instruction

    Finally, NLP Top Coach ensures that you are part of a collective of professionals. Over 40,000 individuals have graduated from these courses, making their way to high-paying jobs at companies across the world. This gives you endless networking opportunities after the session is over.

    Additionally, there are also resource materials that you can access online and customize to your client’s needs. The extra support these resources provide can make a huge difference for course attendees.

    Career Prospects for Hypnotherapists

    The diverse application of hypnosis makes it a useful skill for a range of professionals. For therapists, psychologists, and doctors hypnotherapy opens up treatment options for patients struggling with smoking, alcohol or drug addictions, and phobias or PTSD from past trauma. Hypnotherapists with medical backgrounds can thrive in a specific niche of problems.

    Hypnosis can also serve as a useful mechanism for habit building or changing, which makes it a valuable resource for life, business, or habit coaches. With training in hypnotherapy, coaches can push their clients to work through personal blocks that are inhibiting their success.

    Finally, hypnotherapists can pursue careers in hypnosis coaching, teaching other interested professionals how to practice hypnotherapy properly and safely. 

    How Much Can Certified Hypnotherapists Make?

    Certified hypnotherapists can make anywhere between $24,000 to $48,000 a year, depending on their hourly rates. While the proper training and certification are important, experience in the field matters a great deal. When you’re first starting out you can charge around $300 to $500 per session. 

    With a few years of experience working in the field, you can increase your rate to $800 or $1000. Plus, when you have a private hypnotherapy practice you can take on as many clients as you want. This flexibility in schedule and rate definitely leaves a lot of leeway for certified hypnotherapists to increase their income.

    Another way to diversify your income sources is by becoming a hypnosis coach. Teach others how to properly practice hypnotherapy by starting your own coaching service.

    What Benefits Does Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist Provide?

    Becoming a certified hypnotherapist comes with numerous benefits in terms of income and employment opportunities.

    Better Market Yourself to Clients

    When you’re able to tell clients you’re fully certified it adds to the authenticity and reliability of your practice. This is extremely helpful for professionals who are just starting out. Technical skills won’t get you anywhere if you can’t successfully market yourself to clients. 

    Having the on-paper certification combined with the in-field expertise is a winning combination for any hypnotherapist.

    Higher Earning Potential

    For hypnotherapists who want to work with clinics, hospitals, or other organizations having the proper certification definitely increases your earning potential. Certification gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other health care professionals like therapists and psychiatrists, or even business and lifestyle coaches.

    Additionally, when you are a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice, you can charge a higher session rate for each patient.

    Support From NLP Top Coach

    Don’t underestimate the value of having a strong network to back you up. NLP Top Coach goes above and beyond for all its students. Once you’re a part of the network, you’ll have access to all the latest online resources, opportunities for collaboration with other certified professionals, and a reputable firm to support you in the field.

    Why Is Working With a Reputable Coach Important?

    Working with a reputable coach is extremely important for hypnotherapists because of the delicate nature of the field. When you’re dealing with patients’ phobias, traumas, anxiety, and other mental health issues you must proceed with extreme caution. 

    Professionals who receive one-to-one training from reputable coaches learn the ins and outs of trance induction and hypnotic suggestions. This provides them with the clarity needed to help patients work through their struggles and come out stronger. Cheap online courses or free resources simply cannot substitute the value of a qualified coach when it comes to hypnotherapy.

    Certification isn’t just a piece of paper. The course is only as good as the experts teaching it. And there’s no substitute for an experienced expert!

    Begin Your Journey Toward Becoming A Certified Hypnotherapist

    If you want to become a certified hypnotherapist and diversify your income streams there is no better time than right now! Begin your journey with one of NLP Top Coach’s Hypnotherapy courses and learn everything you need to know to set up your own hypnosis practice. 

    These courses cover all the basics of hypnotherapy, from getting clients to running a practice and keeping your certification up to date. You can also get the proper certification to teach hypnotherapy and begin a career as a coach. There are a lot of career paths that will open up once you have one of these certifications.

    So what are you waiting for? Get yours today, at the low price of 27,900 THB (770 USD).

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    Sebastien Leblond

    Sebastien Leblond is the Founder of NLP Top Coach, a leading NLP Coaching and Leadership Development Company. He is among an exclusive group of American Board of NLP Certified NLP Master Trainers in the world. More than 40,000 individuals across 30+ countries have been trained and certified by Sebastien to become world-class coaches and trainers. Sebastien is originally from Québec, Canada, and now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and children.

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