ICF Coaching Certification

Sebastian Leblond speaking with students in an ICF certification training course.

One of the most powerful and effective tools leaders have is the power to coach. The ability to help others break through their issues and live to their fullest potential separates average leaders and coaches from great ones.

This is where ICF coaching certification comes in.

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    What Is ICF Coaching?

    ICF Coaching Certification Virtual Training

    An ICF coaching certification is one of the first steps toward becoming a more effective leader and coach. It can help you learn more effective communication skills and improve your ability to get the most from others.

    What Is the ICF?

    The International Coaching Federation, also known by its abbreviated name, ICF, is the largest coaching accreditation body globally.

    It’s a non-profit organization founded in 1995, dedicated to accrediting and certifying coaches through its training programs. It’s managed to grow and become a certification coveted by hundreds, if not thousands, of coaches worldwide.

    What Does The ICF Do?

    ICF works with different members to provide the highest caliber of coaches who can go on to help future clients. This process is done via training coaches who work hard to maintain the golden standard of the ICF.

    By setting impeccable ethics and training standards, the ICF’s certification is one of the most highly coveted accreditations by coaches internationally.

    The ICF has created a community of certified coaches who are diligent and professional to the highest degree. These coaches continue to get support from the ICF through events, up-to-date training sessions, and coach-specific courses.

    What Are the ICF Approved Coaching Courses?

    One of the most well-known ICF-approved coaching courses is the “Coach the coach” certification. In just four days, trainees learn a skill set that can lead them to a rewarding and potentially high-paying career helping others.

    It also helps students learn how to coach their colleagues and team members in the workplace. Thus, it’s geared towards increasing productivity to boost business growth.

    Benefits of Having an ICF Coaching Certification

    ICF Coaching Certification Virtual Training

    The ICF coaching training is suitable for a range of people, including business owners, executives, professional coaches, and anyone interested in general personal development.

    Who Can Benefit From an ICF Coaching Certification?

    ICF coaching certification is available to anyone who would like to work and strive to be certified. Students can take courses and training to achieve certification in a niche specialty or get into a general program.

    Niche certifications include everything from health, fitness, executive, and life vision to creativity, leadership, and spirituality.

    According to the niche certifications, specific training is applied to help the training coach be more effective later. This training can include anything from work experience to studying.

    What Advantages Does an ICF Coaching Certification Provide?

    After receiving your ICF coaching certification, you will have the skill set to assure clients that you’re trained to the highest possible standard.

    The certification enables you to develop your coaching businesses using the ICF brand on your emails, stationery, and website. You can also benefit from specialized discounts on services, such as software solutions and insurance.

    In addition, clients can easily find and connect with you as the ICF has a registry of members who have completed their certification. Moreover, the ICF connects certified coaches within its community, creating an expansive network of highly trained individuals on a local and global scale.

    How Can You Learn More About ICF Coaching Certifications?

    NLP Top Coach is an ICF-approved coaching organization. Our trainers are all ICF certified and have over a decade of experience empowering future coaches through our ICF Approved Coach-the-Coach Certification Training.

    If you’re looking for more information about how you can become ICF certified, the first step is to get in touch with us. The NLP Top Coach staff will get back to you with all the information you need to start the ICF certification program.

    ICF Coaching Certification Courses

    ICF Coaching Certification Virtual Training

    The first step to becoming an ICF-certified coach is to complete your Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), or an Accredited Coach Training Program or ACTP. These are intense training programs designed to equip you with both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of becoming an ICF accredited coach. 

    What Is Covered in an ICF Certification Course?

    Getting accredited is a challenging yet rewarding task. Under the ACSTH track, you must complete the following:

    • At least 30 hours of coach specific training with an ICF accredited institute (such as NLP Top Coach)
    • Learn the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics
    • Pass the exam as a part of your portfolio application

    To earn your Associate Coach Certification (ACC), you will need to complete:

    • 60 ACSTH hours
    • 100 coaching experience hours
    • 10 hours of work with a mentor coach
    • 2 reference letters from qualified coaches
    • Assessment
    • Examination

    You must master five key components.

    The first is education, where you learn the ICF core competencies and code of ethics. In this phase, you will gain education aligned with the ICF’s definition of coaching.

    Moving on to the next phase, coaches who started the education process will need to gain as much experience as possible. You will gain experience by working with clients. At this point, you will have the opportunity to be paid, which can take place within 18 months after completing the coaching process.

    You will also need to go through mentorship coaching.  During this phase, you can work with certified coaches to have professional assistance if needed.

    The next phase is when you go through a strenuous assessment. The ICF will measure your coaching skills against its standards to see if you make the grade.

    Finally, there’s a written exam to test your understanding of the coaching process and your ability to apply it in the real world.

    What are the Levels of ICF Accreditation?

    There are three levels of training and certification by the ICF.

    The first is the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation. The second level is the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation. Finally, the third is the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation.

    There’s also the Continuing Coaching Education (CCE). This is a supplemental education course for those seeking to renew their ICF accreditation.

    How Long Does it Take to Complete the ICF Coach Certification Training Courses?

    There are three main accreditation options. Each one features a different timeframe and curriculum.

    ACC candidates can expect at least 60 up to 124 coach-specific learning hours. On the other hand, PCC students’ learning hours are longer, ranging from 125 to 175 hours.

    Then, there’s the MCC, which has the highest number of hours with over 200.

    ICF Accredited Certification Training Schedule

    ICF Approved Coach the Coach CertificationAugust 3-6, 2024Bangkok, ThailandLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    ICF Approved Coach the Coach CertificationAugust 28-31, 2024Hanoi, Vietnam Live + VirtualMore InfoChat Now

    ACC Mentor Coaching Program Schedule

    ACC Mentor Coaching ProgramContact Us For More InfoChat Now

    ICF Coach Certification Cost: What Goes Into Pricing a Course?

    ICF Coaching Certification with Sebastien Leblond from NLP Top Coach

    Next, we’ll look at how much you should expect to invest towards training for your ICF accreditation. While the investment of time and money isn’t small, the cost of gaining your ICF accreditation is significantly less expensive than the cost of a college or university education. What’s more, you can’t put a price on the knowledge and experience you’ll gain in the process, and this in turn will benefit you throughout your coaching career.

    What Is the Price Range for ICF Coach Certification?

    Each certification level has its own pricing due to the extent of material covered and the coaching skills imparted during the course. You can expect to invest between $2,000 and $2,500 to complete your ACC certification training. Training towards a PCC qualification is more expensive, ranging between $3,000 and $3,500.

    What Impacts How Much an ICF Coaching Certification Will Cost?

    The ICF certification level you are working towards earning will be the primary determiner of how much you will need to invest.

    Since each certification level has different contact hours, this will also affect the cost. In general, training fees are in relation to the number of hours to be covered.

    Aside from training fees, you should also factor in other expenses such as the location of your training and relevant travel, accommodation, and food expenses. Many training institutes also offer virtual training which makes the cost of training significantly lower as you can complete the training from the comfort of your home. Either way, you should also keep in mind that the training is intensive and you may need to take time off from work to be fully present and committed to the training.

    Why Is Working With an Experienced Trainer Important?

    Working with an experienced and ICF approved trainer is vital to your success and motivation. Remember, when you are learning from a highly competent trainer that you are also acquiring best practices and a role model for yourself to become a professional coach. Your trainer has gone through the process you are about to go through yourself, and can impart their experience to you so that you are more informed and better prepared to earn your qualification and be an effective coach.

    An experienced trainer will understand the challenges you will face during the training and throughout your coaching career, and their fresh perspectives will eventually lead you to grow in different ways.

    A Final Word on Becoming an ICF Accredited Coach

    The ICF certification is among the most prestigious and recognized coaching qualifications worldwide. However, acquiring one isn’t just a badge of honor; it’s a pathway to a potentially high-earning career helping others find fulfillment and purpose in their lives.

    Your certification proves to everyone that you take your coaching skills seriously and that you can help people achieve their potential. This certification also encourages clients and colleagues to hold you in high regard, thanks to the high standards and diligent training that goes into acquiring it.

    So, if you have what it takes, Take the plunge to join a supportive community that works together to help others achieve their best.

    Begin your ICF certification training and venture on a new path towards a fulfilling coaching career!

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