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Sebastian LeBlond working with students in an ICF coaching course.
Sebastien Leblond

Who Is ICF Coaching Certification For: Is ICF Certification Right For You

The coaching industry has been growing rapidly in the last few years and is expected to continue growing in the near future, especially when it comes to highly credited programs like ICF coaching, which is the current gold standard for coaching. But who is ICF coaching certification for? In today’s guide, we’ll answer some of

Sebastian LeBlond working with a student in an ICF certification course.
Sebastien Leblond

What Is ICF Coaching: Understand The World of Professional Coaching

Whether you’re interested in contributing more effectively to your team as a manager or executive or pursuing an accredited career in coaching, ICF coaching is definitely a milestone you want to consider! But what is ICF coaching? If you want to know more about the International Coaching Federation, its history, what is ICF coaching, and

Picture of Sebastian LeBlond working with a class of students in an ICF Training course.
Sebastien Leblond

Getting ICF Coaching Certified: A Detailed Guide

Before we go into the details of ICF coaching certifications, we’ll rip the band-aid and tell you this: unless you have an ICF certificate, you won’t make it far in the coaching business. If you want to become a professional coach, it’s time to explore your options and learn more about the certifications and how

Picture of an NLP Top Coach training program.
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ICF Coaching Certification Cost: What Can You Expect

Getting certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) means that your coaching credentials meet the golden standard in the coaching profession. It’s an investment worth your time and money and something you can shoe each prospective client, but only if you get the suitable materials and find reputable coaches to work with. If you’re wondering

Sebastian Leblond speaking with students in an ICF certification training course.
Sebastien Leblond

ICF Coaching Certification

One of the most powerful and effective tools leaders have is the power to coach. The ability to help others break through their issues and live to their fullest potential separates average leaders and coaches from great ones. This is where ICF coaching certification comes in. Quick Navigation Add a header to begin generating the