NLP Master Practitioner

4 in 1 Certification Training

June 4 - 11 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

8 + 2 Days Total Immersion Live Training in Bangkok And/Or Live Virtual Seminar From Anywhere Around The World.

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NLP Master Practitioner 4 in 1 Certification Training

Training Overview

This 8 day Master NLP Certification program is designed to build on your learnings from the NLP Practitioner. These advanced tools operate at both the conscious and unconscious levels, & are most profound in the context of Personal Development & Professional Coaching.

Each technique is delivered through a process of theory, demonstration, hands – on practice, de-brief and Q&A. In addition to learning new skills, you will also learn how to identify and remove limiting belief & conflicting values in yourself & others. NOW is the time to unleash your Power for Success & Happiness.

Benefits of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification


With three internationally recognised and accredited Master certifications, this is the best value training in Asia. To be the best, you must learn from the best, and this is what you can expect with your NLP Master Trainer, Sebastien Leblond.


A ‘toolbox’ full of Leadership & Coaching tools, techniques, templates, systems, & processes that allow you to transform your teams & clients. As we Coach & Lead others successfully, we are also developing our own skills & abilities to a deeper level. These are essential skills for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups & Founders.


Whether you’re a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Start-up, Leader or Executive, these advanced NLP tools and techniques are guaranteed to improve & positively affect your Business Growth, through greater Sales, Influence & world-class Leadership & Coaching.


The Master NLP Practitioner will fully Unleash your power for success & happiness. You will finally remove the 5 biggest obstacles that have been holding you back, and you’ll create massive results for yourself and your coaching clients.


You will deepen your journey into self-awareness, consciousness and enlightenment, you will go even deeper and re-program your unconscious behaviours & programs. This allows you to effortlessly achieve all your goals.


As you master yourself, you become an inspiration to others. With the tools and understanding from this NLP Master Course, you can accelerate your own success & happiness. As you align your values towards achieving greater success, you motivate and inspire all the people you care about by being a Role Model. You show them a better way to live and grow.

Who Should Attend this master NLP Training Course?

People Who Want to Be a Professional Coach, Consultant or Trainer

Building on the foundation of your NLP Practitioner Training, the Master Course goes much deeper into the tools and techniques you need to be a professional, qualified Coach…who gets results!!


You will leave this certified NLP training with a set of new tools, techniques, skills and competencies that you can bring back to your organization and business, to accelerate your success.


Personally, you will take your relationships to a whole new level with a depth of understanding. Professionally, your new NLP & Coaching skills will accelerate project work, promotions and performance in all areas.

Meet Your Master Trainer & Coach: Who is Sebastien Leblond?


You’ll form a unique relationship with your selected coach, but all Results Coaches uses the same strategies to help individuals meet their goals – they’re simply tweaked to maximize your potential. The best personal coach has a well-developed sense of the challenges you’re facing, which allows him or her to design training for you that “outperform ” your goals in the right ways. Your Results Coach needs to be sure you’re fit for every challenge you face, so your personal coaching regimen has to prepare you to exceed your needs.

Everyone needs a coach when they want to overcome problems, being stuck, overwhelmed, depressed, or striving in their life. A coach can help you double your income, get that promotion, grow or start the business you’ve dreamed of, give life back to your relationship, find the right partner, and bring harmony back to your family.

Success Stories

Become Our Next Success Story

“In the Master NLP Practitioner Training, I was able to
breakthrough all my limitations. Since then, I have built
a successful coaching business and live in my dream home
near the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. I highly recommend
this training to everyone!”

Myra Kotze

Business Owner, Coach, South Africa

“I had a lot of relationship problems with my wife and my family. For so many years I didn’t know what to do with myself and how to have peace and harmony in my life. The NLP Master Practitioner Training proved to be an incredibly valuable journey where I found myself again and found happiness, fulfillment and joy with my wife and new born son. I also started To grow a lot of profit in my business after this training. If you are reading this, I highly recommend that you give yourself a chance and discover how fantastic your life can turn out to be."


Business Owner, Thailand

Growing up, I had a lot of relationship problems with my parents And friends. I was also a very shy and withdrawn girl. After graduating from Sebastien’s NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training, I realized there are no limitations and with Powerful tools and techniques of NLP, everyone can achieve any goal they want and be happy and successful. I am now a Certified trainer of NLP at the age of 15 fulfilling my mission of helping people go through the same transformation I had to become the best version of themselves."

Thuyduong Le (Sunny)

NLP Trainer & Master Coach, Vietnam

Receive 4 in 1 Internationally Accredited Certifications

Certificate #1 - Master NLP Practitioner By The American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Master NLP Practitioner Certification is Certified by
the World’s largest NLP authority, ABNLP, this
Certification is internationally recognized and
allows you to practice NLP techniques in Coaching,
Training, Corporate or Personal Development
environments. This certification is a ‘tool kit’ for
advanced communication, Soft Skills and
Leadership techniques.

Certificate #2 - Master Practitioner of NLP Coaching

Coaching Certification Certified by the Coaching
division of the World’s largest NLP authority,
ABNLP. This fundamental Coaching Certification
practices. This is where you will learn how to fully
implement all your new NLP tools in a coaching,
mentoring or Leadership environment. This is the
first step for anyone wishing to become a
professional Life or Executive Coach.

Certificate #3 - Time Line Therapy master Practitioner by Time Line Therapy Association

Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner Certified by
the World’s largest Time Line therapy organisation
(TLTA). This Certification is internationally
recognised and is acknowledged as the World’s
best technique for removing negative emotion at
the master practitioner level. Particularly useful in
Coaching and therapeutic environments. This
technique creates long lasting change at the
neurological & unconscious level.

Certificate #4 - Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner By The American Board Of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Certified by The American Board of
Hypnotherapy. This certification is internationally
recognized and is acknowledged as the world’s
best technique for removing Bad Habits. It is
particularly useful in coaching and therapeutic
environments. This technique creates long lasting
change at the neurological and unconscious level.

Agenda for the NLP Master Practitioner 4 in 1 Certification

  • Day 1 Agenda
  • Day 2 Agenda
  • Day 3 Agenda
  • Day 4 Agenda
  • Day 5 Agenda
  • Day 6 Agenda
  • Day 7 Agenda
  • Day 8 Agenda

Start 9:00am until 7:00pm (Register at 8:30am)

09.00 : Intro

09.10 : Seb Talks

09.40 : “Why Master Prac”

10.00 : Operating agreement, getting passed

10.10 : Comfort Zone

11.00 : Break

11.20 : Focus on what you want

11.40 : My Outcomes Starts + Finish Sharing

12.20 : Lunch Break from 12.20 - 13.20

13.30 : Perception is Projection

14:00 : NLP Breakthrough Session

15.30 : Break

15.45 : Demo and Practice all day

17.00 : Break

17.15 : Demo and Practice all day

18.00 : How to prepare after personal history questioner

19.00 Finish

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day

09.00:Prepare Metaphor and Deliver

Utilize the power of metaphors in creating Breakthroughs

10.00 :Prepare Reframe and Deliver

Learn how to do reframing in the coaching session to remove your client’s negative thinking

11.00 :Break

11.15 :Timeline Therapy for Negative Emotion #2

Experience the power of Timeline Therapy in Removing negative emotions

12.30 :Lunch BREAK

13.30 :Timeline Therapy for Limiting Belief

Experience the power of Timeline Therapy in removing limiting beliefs

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :10 Steps To Remove a Limiting Belief

A Step-by-Step process to remove Limiting Belief

17.00 :Demo and Exercise

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day


Understand yourself and others better

11.00 :BREAK

11.15 :Values Elicitation and Hierarchy

Find out what drives you in life and unleash your power.


13.30 :Values Levels

Discover the different thinking level through which we see the world.

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :Values change

Align your values for more fulfillment and success in your life.

17.00 :Demo and Exercise

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day


Discover the strategies behind anything you do.

11.00 :BREAK

11.15 :Advanced Submodalities

Unleash your inner resources.


13.30 :Logical Levels

Discover your life purpose and how to achieve it.

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :Logical Levels Exercise

17.00 :Incantation

Create your own tailor made incantation to condition your mind and body for excellence.

18.15 :Vision Board

Learn how to link your personal incantation to your vision board to achieve your goals faster

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day


Learn how to manage your state to maximize your results

11.00 :Break

11.15 :Incantation

Practice your incantation to be in a peak state and be aligned towards achieving your goals


13.30 :Meta programs

Understand the DNA of your personality

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :Practice and Exercise

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day

09.00:Chaining Anchors

A powerful anchor to go from procrastination to motivation

11.00 :BREAK

11.15 :Exercise for Chaining Anchor


13.30 :Continue Chaining Anchor Exercise

Install 5 positive, resourceful states and learn how to get into those states quickly

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :Complete Your Test

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day


Fast track your success by modeling outstanding individuals and using it in your life

11.00 :BREAK

11.15 :4Mat System

Structure your content in a way that everyone can easily learn and apply.


13.30 :Exercise for 4Mat System

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :The Sebastien Leblond System

Discover the World’s #1 Most Comprehensive Coaching and Training Certification Program

20.00 :Wrap Up

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day

09.00:Quantum Linguistics

A method of creating conversational change.

11.00 :BREAK

11.15 :Exercise for Quantum Linguistics


13.30 :Cartesian Logic

Develop your ability to think outside the box and identify the best outcome.

15.45 :BREAK

16.00 :Sleight of Mouth

High impact persuasion skills.

19.00 :Graduation and Dinner Celebration

*Training may extend up to 11PM as this is a total immersion day

Event Details

NLP Master Practitioner 4 in 1 Certification

(English with Simultaneous Thai Translation)

June 4 - 11 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

8+2 Days Total Immersion Live Training in Bangkok or
Live Virtual Seminar From Anywhere Around The World


Normal Price: 95,000 THB

Early Bird Investment: 74,900 THB

Hurry! Limited Seats Only!

Sold Out!

If you would like to speak to a consultant, call us now at:
+66 86 903 9059 (Khun Nurse)

Learn NLP from one of the only 16 NLP Master Trainers in the world under ABNLP – Sebastien Leblond

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can arrange a flexible training schedule that is convenient for you. One on One session or Online Training Programs are an option.

Yes! We can help you out with a monthly payment plan that suits you.

We do cater to group purchases. Please contact our team for more details.

Yes! Our experienced educational consultants will guide you to select the course that is right for you.

Sebastien Leblond is the founder of NLP Top Coach and is one of the only 16 NLP Master Trainers in the world certified under the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Over the last 10 years, Sebastien has certified over 40,000 people from 30 different countries as Coaches, Trainers & Leaders with International Recognition.

Yes! Our team will help you find the dates that is convenient for you.

Yes you can if you have taken NLP Practitioner Level 1 from other institutions governed by ABNLP or NLP University. Any other institution will subject to approval by our trainer. It is not possible for anyone to jump to attend NLP Master Practitioner directly if no prior learning process were completed. One will be lost in the learning process.

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