Sebastien Leblond teaching a hypnotherapy course.

Hypnotherapy 2 in 1 Certification Training

Unleash the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

18-20 January 2025

Bangkok, Thailand

3 Days Total Immersion Live Training in Bangkok And/Or Live Virtual Seminar From Anywhere Around The World.

Hypnotherapy Coaching Certification

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Training Overview

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviors including smoking and weight loss, stress reduction, motivation and pain control.Our 3 days basic training is excellent for anyone who wants to learn Hypnotherapy with a maximum of “hands-on experience”. Over the course of our training, you will be guided through powerful tools and techniques of Hypnotherapy to produce change and transformation in your life from the unconscious level. The training follows the format of theory, demonstration, practice & de-brief.

Benefits of the Hypnotherapy Double Certification training

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Are you wanting to start something new in this year? Then this is your first step towards starting a new career in a very rewarding industry. Due to the popularity of hypnotherapy and demand for quality hypnotherapists, there has never been a better time to become a practitioner now!! Do what we teach, and you will be busy very quickly!

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Are you already a Coach? Then expand your practice, increase you client numbers and include Hypnotherapy as part of your skill set. The Average Hypnosis session ranges from 200 -500 USD, so you will have a positive return on your investment in a very short time.

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Gain Personal & Professional Development

Hypnotherapy has been used in personal& professional development for many years. This is a hands-on training and we focus on Quit Smoking, Over Eating, Performance Enhancement, Stress Reduction and Bad Habits. You will have the opportunity to you will be able to help your clients and receive the positive benefits of Hypnotherapy and you may be surprised just how good you feel by the end of the last day!

Who Should Attend this Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Training Course?

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Image of students in an NLP Top Coach course.


Meet Your Master Trainer & Coach: Who is Sebastien Leblond?


Over the last 10 years, Sebastien has trained and certified over 40,000 individuals and corporates from more than 30 different countries around the world.

He has delivered 1000s of Seminars, accumulated 10,000s of hours of One on One Coaching, popularized Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and ICF Coaching, founded the company NLP Top Coach to continue his mission to change the world by creating World-Class Leaders, Coaches and Trainers so that you can Unleash Your Power for Success and Happiness to create an Extraordinary Life in your Career, Business, Wealth, Health and Relationship.

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Success Stories

Become Our Next Success Story

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I joined the Hypnotherapy training course with Sebastien Leblond and NLP Top Coach and it was excellent. Now if you're like me and you've gone through and done an NLP course or any other coaching course and you wanna be a life coach, executive coach and a Business coach. This Hypnotherapy course gives you adding tools to your tools box to be able to get your clients to make that breakthrough and take them to the next level. This course gives you hands-on ability to make a real lasting difference in your clients. I can't recommend this enough to you Sebastien and the team.

David Arell

Business Owner

Image of previous students.

After doing my NLP Train the Trainer I was facing certain challenges like lack of concentrated deep level of communication with my coaching clients and have a hard time dealing with kids. When I saw Sebastien again in BKK I shared my challenges and he recommended me to join Hypnotherapy Certification Training and I replied to Sebastien that I am already an NLP Trainer why do I need to do the Hypnotherapy and his response is simple. If you'd like to overcome those challenges you must do the Hypnotherapy then i decide to join the course. The Training is super amazing and the techniques are applicable. Because they both give a great complement to each other in life coaching. Sebastien and Nenad are the great Hypnotherapy Trainer. I highly recommend it!


Elucid Consultants Pvt Ltd., Director

Receive 2 x 1 Internationally Accredited Certifications

Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification Agenda

9:00: Introduction + Welcome

  • Personal Hypno Story + Semmelweiss Story
  • What To Expect During These 3 Days
  • What Are You Studying?
  • Why Are You Here? – Your Goals/Outcome For The Training (Getting To Know The Participant)
  • 4 Skills Level To Hypnotherapy
  • What Is Hypnotherapy?
  • What Is Trance?
  • Brain Waves

10:30: BREAK

10:45: Demystified Hypnosis And Quick History

  • Your Subconscious Mind What It Is, How It Works, What You Need To Know, Why Hypnotherapy Is So Powerful
  • All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis
  • Talk About Best Way To Go Into A Trance. Fix A Point On The Wall, Expand Your Awareness
  • Exercise – ‘That’s Right’ 5 Mins Each (15 Mins In Total)
  • Review Exercise


13:00: When To Use Hypnosis And 5 Stages Of Changes (Result And Self-Image Draw)

Introduction To The 8 Steps To A Successful Hypnotherapy Session

Step #1 Personal Questionnaire And Rapport

Why Finding Root Cause Is Paramount, Look, Listen To Client!

Build Rapport To Build Trust And Reduce Resistance During Trance. Very Important (Quick Review On How)

Step #2 Pre Talk. Spend Time Here, Very Important Step

Cover Suggestibility Test, Demo + Exercise. Group Of 2, 5 Mins Each, 10 Mins Total

15:30: BREAK

15:45: Review Exercise. Nocebo/Placebo

Step #3 Induction. Inducting The Trance Stay. It’s About Relaxing, And Going Down The Brain Waves

Talk About Different Type Of Induction, Chairs Placement, Best Way To Induce Trance

Hypnotic Voice, Pace, Find Your Own, It Take Time

Do A Demo Of Milton Script 1 On The Group

Group Exercise, Group Of 2, 20 Mins Each ( 40 Mins Total)

Review Exercise

Induction Milton Number 2 20min Each, 40 Total

18:00: Review Of The Day

09.00: Review Day 1, Answer Question, Preview Day 2.

Answer Questions, Review Main Info…

Step #4 Deepener.

Exercises , Induction 1 + Deepener + Out Of Trance. 25min Each, Total 50min.


11:00: BREAK

11:15: Suggestions, This Is Where The Work Takes Place, Change Subconscious Program

Go Deep On Suggestion.

Exercises. New Induction + Deepener + Suggestion Script + Out Of Trance 30 Min Each, 1 Hour Total

Talk About Best Way To Go Into A Trance. Fix A Point On The Wall, Expand Your Awareness



14:00: How To Create Your Own Suggestion Script.

Exercise Create Your Own Suggestion Script.

Practice Making Your Own Induction Script That You Will Use Later. 30min.

Review, Get Come Examples. Give Some Feedback.

Practice. Use Your Induction Script Find A New Partner And Do Induction+ Deepener + Script Of Client Choice, Enhance The Suggestion Script To Make It More Personalized. + Out Of Trance. 30min Each (1 Hour Total)


16:45: Step #7 Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Step #8 , Convincer, And Checking Results.

18:00: Review Of The Day.

9:00: Review Day 2, Answer Question.

Deep Trance Phenomena Group Experience (Stage Hypno)

How Deep Can They Go And How Will They Respond To Suggestions.

Fun Time

10:30: BREAK

10:45: Pendulum

What It Is, What For, How To Use It + Practice In Group Of 2.


14.00 :Estabrook Trance + Induction.

Practice This Induction + New Script + Putting Is All Together Exercise 30min Each 1hour Total.

16:00: BREAK

16:15: Self Hypnosis Time

Self- Empowerment, Chance Your Self Image Change Your Life.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind And Your Imagination.

Harness Your Own Power.

How To Do It.

Self- Practice And Self-Trance 30min Each.


17:45: When Not To Use Hypnosis? What Now? Keep Practicing, Next Level Etc..

Answer Final Questions

Final Message

18:00: Wrapping Up For Ceremony

Event Details

Hypnotherapy 2-in-1 Certification

(English with Simultaneous Thai Translation)

18-20 January 2025

Bangkok, Thailand

3 Days Total Immersion Live Training in Bangkok or
Live Virtual Seminar From Anywhere Around The World


Normal Price: 1,497 USD

Early Bird Investment: 1,297 USD

Hurry! Limited Seats Only!

If you would like to speak to a consultant, call us now at:
+66 86 903 9059 (Khun Nurse)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can arrange a flexible training schedule that is convenient for you. One on One session or Online Training Programs are an option.

Yes! We can help you out with a monthly payment plan that suits you.

We do cater to group purchases. Please contact our team for more details.

Yes! Our experienced educational consultants will guide you to select the course that is right for you.

Sebastien Leblond is the founder of NLP Top Coach and is one of the only 16 NLP Master Trainers in the world certified under the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Over the last 10 years, Sebastien has certified over 40,000 people from 30 different countries as Coaches, Trainers & Leaders with International Recognition.

Yes! Our team will help you find the dates that is convenient for you.

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