Wipawadee Paopaka
Global Manager, Innovation Programs, Ampacet

“In the 14 days that I’ve been learning NLP Practitioner and NLP Master practitioner, I see many changes in my thoughts & attitude, and have applied this to my job, as well as my family. I even coached my son , and it was a great Success!!”

Pavaputanont namahasalakarm (Beam)
Managing Director – Dream High Agency

I told myself I want to try. Master practitioner training make me very concentrate use my all brain intend to study full time full day full week but things that I’ve found from this seminar this company that if we want to be top coach we need to have good trainer, have experiences, can explain difficult things to simply, can answer every questions that we suspect come from many point of view but he can answer any kind of problems can explain everyone clear I think difficult to find in Thailand or in the world.

Daniel Remon
FIT CORP ASIA Bussiness Owner

I’m the founder of the company called Fitcorp and I’ve just recently finished the NLP Practitioner and Master practitioner with Sebastien and NLP Top Coach,
there was a couple of things that I felt were missing in my toolbox and some things that I wasn’t able to achieve in my own growth and the growth of my business. So working through practitioner program and especially the master practitioner program, it really allowed me to find clarity in my own values and also to identify part of the strategy that wasn’t realigned with my values to help me get those breakthroughs so that’s definitely been the most powerful impact

Isabel Valle Rivera
Leadership Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

“I have been coaching for many years and I have kept hearing about NLP , and I didn’t know what to think about it, so I was lucky enough to come to Bangkok and find NLP Top Coach.  My own personal transformation was incredible, so I couldn’t wait to go to the Master Practitioner”

“Let me tell you about Sebasiten…his passion &  his enthusiasm is so contagious , I don’t even know how to describe it…you’re in that room, with a group of people, and he is just so incredible. He has such an energy , and he just transforms you, no matter how long you are there, it doesn’t matter how long the day is, you cannot wait until the next day , the next subject, and it’s an experience that I will never forget

Clayton Moffat
International Coach & Bussiness Owner

“for me, the investment in education is so valuable, and especially NLP, as it’s important for our life. I recommend everyone who wants to go from where they are, to where they want to be, by achieving their goals, then you want only Sebastien & NLP Top Coach.” – Wipawadee Paopaka, Global Manager, Innovation Programs, Ampacet

I just recently completed the NLP Master Practitioner and had a great experience both time. Sebastien Leblond experience and skills are always increasing, his presentation is fantastic, i really enjoyed the delivery and the outstanding support from the team at NLP Top Coach, I would highly recommend. I personally grown allot and now helping other people with there potential

Sunansa Nithivasin

“After graduated from NLP practitioner certification, I feel that my brain works great in communication, relationships and better working together. Now, when I wake up, I have good energy I am confident that I will be successful and be the best version of myself”

“I feel very thankful for joining this course, as we have a very good trainer that devotes himself fully. He is the real master, who helps students achieve success and feel confident. I’m very proud that I joined these courses and learned from Sebastien. I see his intention, energy and devotion. He is the best of the best and I’m glad to have a chance to learn from him and be like him”

Thawara Siripipat (Dr.POP)
Author, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker, Song Writer

“I graduated from NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner and I will definitely study in train the trainer.Why I didn’t know NLP when I was in high school or university? Because if I had known since I was young, my life would be perfect”

The thing that makes me want to learn is the Master Coach – Sebastien!! He can make me concentrate, as normally, I’m quite hyperactive and can’t sit still a long time. Sebastien has energy to empower us all the time, and his training style gives us knowledge, and many experiences to learn through exercises. he take the time to answer question, which help us for more understanding”

Darren Blackeley
Coach, Entrepreneur & Investor

I came up full expectation and from day 1 I’ve had great energy, energy of the group all the way through to day 6 was fantastic. It was a wonderful learning environment. I’ve had a great time and learned many life style and life skills.

Sebastien Leblond the Master coach and Trainer, I love that guy, he brings passion everyday, he inspire the group, he brings great metaphor as you will all learn. All along I recommend Luke, Sebastien and NLP Top Coach.

Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan
Director Central Institute of Forensic Science, Department of Special Investigation

“NLP is great because it is scientific&logical. We didn’t just listen to lecture but we had fun with active participation. It teaches you how to communicate effectively between managers & subordinates with compassion. It helps clear the obstacles in communication & it is good for those who are undergoing leadership development. I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.”

Winfried Hancke

“It was a very valuable experience!.”

Michel Le Quellec
CEO , Wall Street Institute

“Having the opportunity to learn NLP made me not only realize how to access the potential in my own life but also gave me insights about other aspects of human potential and the methods to utilize it.”

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