What Can You Do With an NLP Certification?

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    While NLP may be associated with therapy at its core, an NLP practitioner can yield unlimited advantages of this certification in numerous fields, ultimately furthering varying career paths. So, how does an NLP certification help you excel in your career? Come find out!

    What Are The Different Levels of NLP Certification?

    Before finding the answer to what you can do with an NLP certification, let’s first discuss the different levels of NLP training. Each level requires you to undergo rigorous hands-on training to understand the theoretical aspect of various NLP practices and how to apply them in real-life scenarios. 

    NLP Practitioner

    The NLP Practitioner is the first level of an NLP certification. This introductory level certification does not require any background in NLP.

    The NLP Practitioner credentials allow you to understand the history of NLP, how you communicate internally, and how your brain processes information to create an immediate positive impact in your personal and professional life. As you receive the NLP Practitioner credential, you learn to train yourself to overcome personal obstacles to create better relationships and develop a “victor” mindset. 

    As you complete the NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification, you will be well-versed in how the human mind works, the basis of NLP, and how to apply NLP techniques to your life for quick and long-lasting success. 

    NLP Master Practitioner

    Once you have acquired the primary practitioner credential, you can build on the knowledge with the next level of certification: the NLP Master Practitioner.

    An NLP Master Practitioner certification teaches you advanced NLP tools that work simultaneously on the conscious and unconscious mind to eliminate self-limitations. In addition, this certification allows a more in-depth analysis of the personal identity and worldview to understand how your mind “maps” information, eventually building on or changing learned behaviors. 

    The NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification is much more immersive than its basic counterpart, allowing individuals to actualize their true potential and inspire others. 

    How To Learn NLP 

    An NLP certification can be life-changing, where you learn how to reprogram your brain to control how it processes information to alter behavior. For those who want to incorporate NLP techniques into their lives, there are various types of training and online material to use. So, here are two legitimate ways to learn NLP. 

    Professionally-Led Courses

    An accredited course or certification training is the best way to learn NLP. Professionally-led NLP courses give you a chance to understand not only the origin of NLP with theoretical material but also its practical application. 

    Such courses are usually delivered in person, where people can interact with others, but recently online training has been on the rise. Online certification training is a great way to achieve internationally recognized NLP training with much more flexibility. 

    However, ensure that any NLP courses you take are accredited so that experts approve the material and techniques used during the training.

    At NLP Top Coach certifications are recognized by the largest NLP authority globally, the American Board of NLP (ABNLP).  

    NLP Books

    If you are still on the fence about getting an NLP certification, you can learn more about neuro-linguistic programming by reading NLP books. You can find high-rated NLP books written by experts online, in leading bookstores, or in college bookstores. NLP books allow insight into NLP practices and how they improve your quality of life. However, they only work as a stepping stone to getting your NLP journey started through certification. 

    You can also supplement your book learning with a workbook to answer sample questions and test what you have learned to ease into NLP certification.

    An excellent book to start would be “The Ultimate Introduction to NLP” by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. 

    What Can You Do With Your Certification?

    Since NLP is a mental skill, you can use the NLP certification to improve your personal life, enhance your EQ, and further your career. From entrepreneurship to helping others reach their potential through proven NLP techniques, the applications of an NLP certification are not confined. But, it is crucial to understand your skill set to choose a career path to apply NLP techniques. 


    Many NLP-certified practitioners choose coaching as their career path as they acquire skills and techniques to understand and motivate their clients. Moreover, NLP techniques like imagery training and modeling give them the confidence to speak publicly. 

    Carve a niche for yourself to ensure a successful career in coaching using NLP. You can choose to be a life, business, or wellness coach based on your knowledge and skill set. 

    Do not confuse coaching using NLP techniques with an NLP Coach/ Master Trainer. A Master Trainer can train and certify NLP trainers, which is different from coaching. 


    Closing a sale is more than just using the right words; your demeanor, ability to connect with your client or buyer, and understanding their perspective are critical to a successful career in sales. All of this is possible with the application of various NLP techniques.

    NLP certification teaches you to use verbal and non-verbal cues to build trust (quickly) with your client and look at things from their perception to align your pitch with their needs. Moreover, techniques like mirroring help put the client at ease where they see themselves in you, which makes them feel more understood. All of this improves closing rates. 


    After acquiring the NLP Master Practitioner certification, you have enough knowledge about overcoming personal obstacles, rewiring your brain to get desired outcomes, and changing behavioral patterns that hinder the success that you can start a consulting business. 

    As a consultant or an expert advisor, you can work with individuals and organizations to help them achieve their goals by teaching them how to establish rapport and model after successful individuals quickly. 

    However, you must build on your expertise in a particular niche (business, health, education, etc.) to provide expert advice to help clients reach individual and organizational objectives. 


    After completing the basic and advanced NLP Practitioner certifications, you can go for the most advanced level of training in NLP, known as the Train The Trainer certification. This will allow you to become an NLP trainer who can certify other practitioners and master practitioners. 

    By becoming an NLP Trainer, you can use your acquired excellent presentation and communication skills to influence individuals on varying topics like sales, communication, leadership, and team-building. 

    You can conduct training with just your Master Practitioner credentials by sharing with other individuals how you could positively impact your life. However, getting the certification will increase your marketability. 

    Leadership Roles

    An NLP certification prepares you for leadership roles as you can achieve excellence through learned techniques and inspire your subordinates to strive for the same. You can become more decisive and change destructive patterns by modeling successful leaders and influencers in your industry, reaching an empowered state, and using effective communication.

    If you have struggled to lead a team in the past or are about to embrace a leadership role, an NLP certification can hand you the exact tools you need to not only achieve personal but your team’s goals. 

    Motivational Speakers

    NLP is based on helping others achieve their true potential by making it easy to deal with mental hindrances like anxiety and PTSD and ensuring excellent internal and external communication. An NLP certification boosts your confidence and helps you acquire excellent presentation skills. It allows you to share your story with others and help motivate and inspire them to make applicable positive changes to their lives.  

    Moreover, as a motivational speaker, you need to build immediate rapport with your audience for them to connect with and listen to you. Your confidence, perceptual positioning, and excellent communication all make for a successful career in motivational speaking. 


    An NLP Practitioner can also further their career as a hypnotherapist, completing the required accredited qualification. That said, hypnotherapists can benefit from an NLP certification as it helps them create a more dynamic understanding of how their clients communicate with themselves and others.

    Moreover, it allows them to gain their client’s trust and put them at ease, which is essential when trying to get an individual to relax to tap into their subconscious. Since NLP also works in an unconscious state to map out the mind path that hinders growth or limits abilities, a hypnotherapist getting the certification is a great option to achieve excellence. 

    NLP Certification Can Help Your Career

    Since NLP caters to everyone’s perception of the world and life experiences to get desired outcomes, it can apply to any career path to reach your goals. So whether you’re looking to go the coaching route, help others as a motivational speaker, provide corporate training, or become a better leader, an NLP certification will help you improve your performance and set examples for others. 

    Learning NLP through a recognized course will benefit your relationships, and its practical communication techniques will help you understand what behaviors hold you back and put yourself in other’s shoes, setting you up for success, regardless of what you do.

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