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1. Not involving staff during Strategic planning & Goal Setting

Strategic planning & Goal Setting is the backbone of your organization and how it is going to perform and function. Way too many CEOs make this mistake of not having staff involved in this activity. This creates lack of alignment and limiting beliefs in the minds of your team members and
causes them think that they can’t achieve the target. Have your team involved in planning, get their opinion and develop the organization’s vision together! Doing this will make your employees feel significant, motivated, focused and have better clarity to achieve strategic goals. The more clarity you have the better results you produce.

2. Spending too much money on staff training

A lot of CEOs spend way too much money on training his/her staff on developing soft skills necessary at the workplace. They believe that this will pay off in the future and in turn help the organization to grow and develop. Although this is a good thing to do, most CEOs miss out or rather don’t understand the most important thing they must be doing which is.. Developing the systems and processes inside the company to generate clarity, efficiency and easiness to replicate.
This is so crucial because once you have set the systems and processes in the company, you as a CEO / Leader don’t have to depend too much on the individual employees to see if everything is alright. They will then be aligned core beliefs and values of the organization and be able to perform well.

3. Not having the right people in the right place

This plays such a huge role in the performance and results of the team. Imagine one of your employee is really good at management and planning. Let’s say you put this person in the marketing department. Do you think he will be able to perform well? Certainly not. Your team performs the best when you have the right people in the right place!
Invest some time in understanding what each team member’s strength and weakness is and what they are passionate about the most. When you do this you supercharge your team’s potential and your results will go to an all new level.


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